Jul 7, 2022

Movie Review 2022 - Musyrik, Api Neraka Menantimu!!

Synopsis: Aril (Aeril Zafrel) is boat owner and a quick-tempered person who is always getting into trouble and it affects his work and family relationship. 

5 years ago Aril did something bad and as a result of it, spiritual beings start to disturb and influence him to harm his own family members as part of a revenge from his past….

Farah (Ruhainies) is Aril’s sister who comes to visit and to spend some time with her niece, Puteri (Qaseh Shuhada) but when she arrives, she soon realises a lot of weird things are happening around the house and that her niece is acting strange…

Director: Arjin Uppal

Cast: Aeril Zafrel, Ruhainies, Ashraf Muslim, Aishah Ilias

My review and thoughts: it is a horror movie which hits close to home as the story is all about cursing someone else for one’s selfishness and that happens a lot in our society where many so called Muslims has turned to the dark arts in the hope of subduing, winning over or just for the sake of jealousy or revenge, and that is “Musyrik”…. 

“Musyrik” is a name for those Muslims or non- Muslims who worship idols, fire or other entities and do not respect or believe God or Allah is the only one to worship…. And the title of the movie itself means Musyrik, the fires of hell awaits you....

It is also a good reminder and good lesson to those thinking about such things and that dabbling in the dark arts is never a good thing and neither is harming others….

The movie is pretty good and I did kind of enjoy it and you will too if you go with an open mind … the direction and storyline is good and so is the little cliff hanger at the end of the story….

Go watch it, it is definitely better then a lot of Malay movies and it also has a good looking cast Aeril Zafrel, Ruhainies, Aishah Ilias and Ashraf Muslim…..

I would rate this a 7.5/10….

Watch the trailer here....

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  1. Tak best la bosan nokk tk real langsung teraburr


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