Jul 11, 2022

ROAM LIKE HOME when Traveling with Yoodo!!!!

Have you ever gone through the hassle of looking for a local SIM card just as soon as your flight touches down a different country? And have you ever felt frustrated when your top up wasn’t enough and you needed to look for somewhere to top up your SIM card…

Or perhaps you had to go collect some pocket WiFi and get frustrated when the battery of the pocket WiFi ran out, or suddenly your data gets throttled after hitting your limit… and you have to fight to carry your smart phone and your pocket WIFi together so the connection is good… 

Perhaps have you ever felt the blood drain from your face when you realise you forgot that Pocket WiFi or even forgot to charge it… or when you accidentally dropped it…cos after all, aren’t you responsible for returning the device safely after your trip?!

Yeah, being a frequent traveler, I have had the fortune or is it the misfortune to go through all that before and had often wished for an easier solution, which there was but which price are also pretty exorbitant….

I am soooo happy to share that finally there is light at the end of this tunnel…. 

Yoodo, Malaysia’s first truly customisable and 100% digital mobile service (which happens to be powered by Celcom and offers usage of Malaysia’s widest 4G LTE network has come out with the solution… and it sounds so good I am seriously so grateful for this!!!!

Yoodo, which has been giving users over 2 MILLION combinations to choose from, all this while, such as the amount of DATA, VOICE MINS, SMS based on your individual needs and which has the best ADD-ON data packets to suit each and every  lifestyle….

Yoodo is the only telco with a CUSTOMISABLE UNLIMITED plan which you can renew your mobile data plan ANYTIME… minus any CONTRACT.

No space for another SIM? You can choose to go 100% digital with eSIM!!! Yup, you heard me right… 

You can actually enjoy convenience, connectivity and dual SIM capabilities with an eSIM which is compatible with selected iOS and Android phones

As mentioned above… soooo if you are planning to go somewhere? Yoodo is your must have travel companion that will simplify your life 99%

Who needs a travel SIM when you can bring your Yoodo plan when you’re out travelling. Get full access to your Data, Voice and SMS at a flat daily rate (from as low as RM5/day)

You will be instantly connected, and will receive those important calls and SMS when you touch down …

The best part which I am really loving is that you will not get any bill shocks and you’ll never lose your SIM ever again.
Anyway, after two years of lock down, it’s time to explore our world again. A world of destinations and experiences awaits you...now with extra Cashbacks via ShopBack!

 Psssttt…. If you are a new Shopback users , you can get a RM10 Sign Up Bonus!

For more information visit

2X2X Experiment
After years of experimentation, the awesome team at Yoodoo have finally created the perfect formula to give you the best plan for your money!
Seriously, it is such a great deal  : 20GB of Data For Only RM20!

Do you know if you invite a friend to join Yoodo using your unique referral code, you can actually earn RM20 in free Yoodo credits??? Yeah!!! This means awesome opportunity for you to make some extra income for your own phone bill

Your friend will also be getting 7GB of FREE data

Ehem ehem…. If you Introduce or refer your friends and family to Yoodo, you can even stand a chance to win amazing prizes such as a 4D2N trip to Seoul with 30 referrals and above, a 3D2N trip to Bangkok with 20 referrals and above, and a 2D1N Malaysia Glamping trip with 15 referrals and above!

Referees will receive a 1-year Majoriti subscription and a 2D1N staycation for 2pax, with min spending of RM30 plan…. How awesome and rewarding this is!!!!

So what are you waiting for? As for me, I am so going to sign up and start to ROAM LIKE HOME when I fly for my upcoming trips

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