Jun 4, 2023

Daia Hijab All Day Freshness for fresh clothing and hijabs all day long!!!!

Surrounded by friends who wear hijab, many of them complain of a stale and slightly unpleasant smell somewhat of sweat and damp clothing. This is because the hijab traps sweat and heat, and living in a humid country such as Malaysia results in this unpleasant smell. 

And with the current heatwave that has swept across Malaysia, leading to copious amounts of perspiration among men, women, and children alike… heaven knows how many times we encounter this unpleasant smell in public areas…

Anyway, there is now hope and great news considering that Daia has launched their Daia Hijab All Day Freshness groundbreaking detergent formulated especifically for hijab users.

Daia has always been one of my favorite detergent being budget-friendly and super lovely scent that lingers on your laundry…. 

However, the new Daia Hijab All Day Freshness detergent stands out from all the other Daia variants. The “handsome” (as quoted from Lisa Surihani) fragrance of this range, with a hint of the regular Daia signature scent but with an extra kick is definitely intriguing…

This is because Daia Hijab All Day Freshness contains an advanced formulation designed to combat sweat-induced odours with unparalleled efficacy. This innovative formula not only eliminates all types of odours during the wash but also neutralizes them while you wear your clothes. Thanks to this remarkable detergent, we can all now enjoy a refreshing sensation that lasts throughout the day, with clean clothes adorned in an enduring fragrance.

The Daia Smart Ion Technology and Sweat Odour Control featured in this detergent claims to eradicate 99.9% of odour-causing bacteria during the wash, as well as stubborn stains, and ensure clothes stay fresh all day long. Both the powdered and liquid versions of this new detergent can be employed not only for hijabs of all materials but also for garments, beddings, pillowcases, and more.

At the launch at Alamanda Shopping Centre in Putrajaya, we members of the media and some invited guests had the great opportunity of meeting the charming Lisa Surihani, Daia’s esteemed Brand Ambassador. 

Sharing her personal experiences and insights regarding Daia’s product range, she even reminisced about the classic Daia jingle from her school days and how becoming Daia’s ambassador proved to be an excellent decision for her.

Lisa expressed her joy in discovering that the new Daia Hijab All Day Freshness can be used not just for hijabs but for the entire family’s laundry needs, making it a versatile and practical choice. As consumers, she emphasized that we need not look any further, as Daia’s reputation and track record speak for themselves when it comes to selecting a detergent, especially one as fragrant as Daia Hijab All Day Freshness.

Daia Hijab All Day Freshness prices (available at leading supermarkets nationwide):

Liquid Detergent: RM 26.90 (3.8kg bottle), RM 11.90 (1.7kg soft pack)

Powder Detergent: RM 5.95 (750g), RM 15.90 (2.3kg), RM 25.50 (3.8kg)

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