Sep 3, 2023

A Vibrant Merdeka Celebration at Alamanda Shopping Centre

Alamanda Shopping Centre proudly is celebrating Malaysia’s 66 years of independence with a vibrant Merdeka campaign, taking place from 25 August to 16 September.

As Malaysia commemorates Merdeka Day on 31 August and Malaysia Day on 16 September, Alamanda is inviting all shoppers to join in the celebrations via its great rewards, limited edition merchandise, as well as its lineup of engaging children's activities.

Merdeka Redemptions
Throughout Alamanda’s 23-day-long Merdeka campaign, shoppers who spend RM500 in a maximum of two receipts at any specialty store will receive a limited edition 66th Merdeka T-shirt. This offer is limited to one redemption per shopper, per day.

For high spenders who spend above RM1,500 in two receipts at specialty stores, an additional RM50 Alamanda shopping voucher awaits, on top of the limited edition T-shirt. This reward is limited to the first 350 shoppers who spend RM1,500 and above.

To usher in the spirit of patriotism on Merdeka Day, the first 1,000 shoppers on 31 August will receive a Jalur Gemilang handheld flag.

VIKids Merdeka Funtime
Alamanda Shopping Centre also dedicates part of its Merdeka celebration to its young visitors through the ‘VIKids Merdeka Funtime’ campaign, which runs from 25 August to 3 September.

The mall’s centre court has been turned into a nostaligic playland with a larger-than-life setup of traditional games, offering a delightful trip down memory lane for adults while creating an exciting playground for younger ones.

VIKids will receive a complimentary Merdeka Funtime pack, which consists of Art & Craft, Snake game, and Rainbow Magic, while stocks last and also given the opportunity to try playing those familiar traditional childhood games such as Snake & Ladders, Congkak, Checkers, Pick-Up Sticks, and Teng-Teng 

Some of these games will offer prizes to the winners. Prizes include art sets, soft toys, water bottles, lunch boxes, Yoyos, Batu Seremban, and Draughts games.

VIKids aged six to 12 years old are also invited to take part in contests organised on weekends and Merdeka Day.

The Traditional Malaysian Costume and Malaysian Patriotic Songs Singing Contest are held on 31 August. The first, second and third prizes are Alamanda shopping vouchers worth RM300, RM200 and RM100 respectively.

Meanwhile, a Merdeka-themed colouring contest with two age categories – Junior Category (7 to 9 years old) and Senior Category (10 to 12 years old) – will take place on weekends during the ‘VIKids Merdeka Funtime’ campaign period. The first, second and third prizes are Alamanda shopping vouchers worth RM150, RM100 and RM50 respectively.

In addition to the contests held on weekends and Merdeka Day, shoppers will also be entertained by performances featuring talented children showcasing choral speaking, talent shows, and art & cultural presentations.

Bloom in Style Lucky Draw

The Bloom in Style campaign which happened from 21 July to 13 August 2023, culminates in a lucky draw, where lucky shoppers walked away with Alamanda Fashion vouchers worth up to RM3,000.

Previously, shoppers who spent a minimum of RM300 in a maximum of two receipts at any Fashion and Beauty specialty stores were instantly rewarded with an exclusive Alamanda tote bag. For high spenders who exceeded RM800 in expenditure, an additional RM50 Alamanda Fashion voucher was also included, alongside the exclusive tote bag.

Besides these rewards, shoppers also received an entry for every RM300 spent, giving them a chance to be in the running for RM3000 worth of Alamanda Fashion vouchers.

A closed-door lucky draw from the pool of entries was held to pick 10 winners. The winners were then invited to attend the Lucky Draw ceremony at the mall today, where they draw their prize on the spot and determine how much their winning voucher is worth.

Mesra Mall
In harmony with the National Day and Malaysia Day celebrations, Mesra Mall in Kemasik, Kemaman, Terengganu, is adorned with d├ęcor that resonates with the spirit of Merdeka. With the theme "Malaysia Madani: Tekad Perpaduan Penuhi Harapan," a lively Merdeka campaign also unfolds here from 26 August to 16 September 2023.

Throughout this campaign period, shoppers who spend RM350 and above in two receipts at any specialty store get to redeem a limited edition Merdeka T-Shirt. This celebration of national identity and unity adds a special touch to this campaign.

In support of raising the Jalur Gemilang, there will also be special flag and cupcake giveaways to the first 100 shoppers respectively on 31 August 2023. Don’t miss the giveaways happening at 11am and 2pm on Merdeka Day. 

Meanwhile, a Kids’ Traditional Costume Competition will be held on 16 September 2023. This competition, open exclusively to VIKids members, invites young participants to flaunt their creativity and confidence through traditional attire. Winners will receive hampers and cash vouchers.

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