Sep 12, 2023


Rohto Eye Care, a leading provider of innovative eye care solutions, announced the resounding success of its annual CSR campaign, "The Joy of Seeing." 
This campaign has once again made significant strides in fundraising, raising awareness, and positively transforming the lives of underprivileged B40 students.

In collaboration with esteemed partners Pintar Foundation and Focus Point Vision Care Group Sdn Bhd, Rohto Eye Care expanded its outreach to three public schools in the bustling Klang Valley: Sekolah Kebangsaan Kampung Batu, Sekolah Kebangsaan Seri Cheras, and Sekolah Kebangsaan Kiaramas. With a profound impact on over 2,400 students, including 30% from economically disadvantaged B40 families, the campaign has truly made a difference.

By joining forces with Focus Point Vision Care Group, renowned experts in the field, Rohto Eye Care went beyond traditional corporate social responsibility. Their dedicated team conducted engaging and informative educational talks on eye health while providing comprehensive eye health checks at the participating schools. The primary goal was to empower children with knowledge about their eyes, promote healthy eye care practices, and extend support to B40 students who required prescription glasses.

To incite even greater support, Rohto Eye Care partnered with Watsons, a trusted and popular retail chain. Throughout the entire month of May, a portion of the sales from Rohto Eye Care products at Watsons stores nationwide was earmarked for the campaign fund. 
This collaborative effort not only bolstered the initiative's impact but also showcased the strength of unity in pursuing a common cause.

Lim Mei Yuen, the esteemed General Manager of Rohto-Mentholatum, highlighted the paramount importance of the campaign and its objectives. 
Drawing attention to the alarming findings from the previous year, which revealed the detrimental effects of excessive screen time on students' eyesight, particularly in the context of digital learning during the pandemic, Lim expressed her sincere hope that this campaign would empower students to prioritize and safeguard their precious eyes.

"Our aim is to educate students about invaluable eye care tips and exercises, enabling them to take proactive measures in maintaining optimal eye health," stated Lim. "Furthermore, we are proud to have sponsored 79 pairs of prescription glasses, a tangible effort to improve the vision of underprivileged B40 students and provide them with the tools they need to succeed academically. We understand the struggles faced by some children who are unable to see clearly in class due to limited resources."

 To make eye health education truly engaging, Rohto Eye Care incorporated an array of enjoyable activities, including blindfold games and an art contest. These initiatives aimed to reinforce the importance of maintaining healthy eyes and fostered a sense of enjoyment and participation among the students.

Impaired eyesight among children is a growing global concern, particularly in Asia. Addressing this issue requires collective efforts to educate the public about how poor eye conditions can significantly impact a child's eyesight and overall eye health.

Several factors contribute to poor eyesight, including genetics and lifestyle choices such as excessive screen time, reading in low light, and lack of sleep. By raising public consciousness about these influential factors, Rohto Eye Care aims to empower parents and caregivers to adopt measures that mitigate their negative impact on their children's vision.

Early detection of refractive errors is vital for timely intervention and effective treatment. Parents are encouraged to remain vigilant for warning signs such as frequent squinting, persistent headaches, habitual eye rubbing, an inability to focus at appropriate distances, and an avoidance of activities that rely on clear eyesight.

Promoting healthy eye habits is indispensable for preserving optimal eyesight in children. 

It is crucial to instill the practice of taking regular breaks from screens, ensuring proper lighting for reading and studying, emphasizing outdoor activities to alleviate eye strain, and prioritizing sufficient sleep. Regular eye examinations play an indispensable role in monitoring visual health and proactively managing refractive errors.

In certain cases, children may require prescription glasses to attain and maintain optimal visual acuity. By collaborating with eye care professionals, Rohto Eye Care ensures that each child's individual needs are accurately assessed and met, empowering them to embrace the world with clarity and confidence.

Rohto Eye Care's outstanding achievement in its CSR campaign underscores the brand's unwavering dedication to promoting eye health and overall well-being among children. 

Through its sponsorship of prescription glasses and relentless efforts to raise awareness about the significance of eye health, Rohto Eye Care continues to make an enduring positive impact on the community, paving the way for a brighter and more promising future for the younger generation.

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