Sep 25, 2023


LactoFit is now available in Watsons Malaysia in stores and Online. To boost its health segment Watsons is introducing LactoFit probiotics to its customers that are health conscious.

Building on the momentum of the opening of its 700 stores, Watsons is set to increase its offering in the Korean products segment. 

LactoFit with its revolutionary formula with more than 80 years of scientifically based research, provides consumers with probiotics and postbiotics in a ready to consume powder form.

With markets slowly taking shape after the pandemic, Chong Kun Dang Pharmaceuticals, the owner of LactoFit hopes to expand to more countries in the Southeast Asia region.

"We are proud to be able to share our expertise in the form of easy to consume probiotics, LactoFit. Malaysian consumers are now ready to spend more on health related products and through our partnership with Watsons Malaysia, we want to provide them with best in class health products", said Hyukgeun Ma, Overseas Managing Director, Lactofit.

Taking note to the ever growing interest in Korean health and beauty products, Watsons is offering LactoFit as part of the K-Healthy segment.

Personally, since I got to know LactoFit , it had become my daily supplement as it is easy to bring around, as well as being easy and delicious to consume ….

LactoFit products are now available at Watsons Malaysia Online and in stores and is distributed by Most Young Global in Malaysia.


  1. "WATSONS EXPANDING HEALTH SEGMENT WITH LACTOFIT": In a move to broaden its health offerings, Watsons is expanding its health segment with LACTOFIT. This partnership brings a new range of health products to consumers, providing them with more options for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. LACTOFIT's inclusion in Watsons further strengthens the brand's commitment to promoting wellness.


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