Sep 14, 2023

The Largest Durian Fest 2023 - Malaysia International Durian Culture Fest (MIDCF) 2023 Ended

The durian buffet which went on for 3 days began on 8/9 after being officiated by Dato Dr Ammar Abd Ghapar, Director General of Tourism Malaysia and ended by Y.M. Tengku Dato' Dr. Hishammuddin Zaizi bin Y.A.M Tengku Bendahara Azman Shah Alhaj from Royal Family of Sultan Selangor.

The 1st MIDCF began on a small scale at DKing SS2 with just a few hundred durian enthusiasts and the 2nd instalment at Pavilion Bukit Jalil with a crowd of 2000 after recovery from the pandemic. 

The 3rd instalment was definitely the most with 3600 durian lovers and 1000 runners proudly organized by DKing & LKE Musang Queen. 

The Durian Fun Run required families to walk 5KM holding a replica of the Musang King Durian which was touted as a good family bonding activity followed by of course indulging one’s self at The Largest Durian Fest 2023 - Malaysia International Durian Culture Fest (MIDCF) 2023 

The Durian Fun Run was flagged off by Malaysia Supermodel Amber Chia and Famous DJ Chan Fong after warm up and photo opportunity season and the last durian buffet session had over than 150 crowd including Carrie Lee, a beauty queen and organizer and Winnie K , Malaysian Singer. Over 20 lucky draws were given away including a Versace Card Holder…

The event ended on a high note with MELIFE breaking the previous record of 1154 number of face washes with a new record of 1458 number of face washes in 1 day where the team began their non-stop face wash activity as early as 8am till 7pm and raised about RM2000 of which will be topped by Datin Seri Jekkie to make it RM5000 to contribute vegetarian food back to give to needy with Carrie Lee.

Brian Lee of LikeMedia also broke his own record of 4million last year to nearly triple to new record of 11million views on Google Map in a year individually. 

The Malaysia Book of Records was presented by Mr Edwin Yeoh, Senior Adjudicators of MBR and witnessed by Y.M. Tengku Dato' Dr. Hishammuddin Zaizi and Tan Sri Danny Ooi, the Founder of Malaysia Book of Records.


  1. Waa best nyer festival makan durian gitu :D
    Congratulation does yg dpt award :D

  2. "The Largest Durian Fest 2023 - Malaysia International Durian Culture Fest (MIDCF) 2023 Ended": The Malaysia International Durian Culture Fest (MIDCF) 2023, touted as the largest durian festival, has concluded. This event served as a platform for durian lovers to indulge in the unique flavors and experience the rich cultural heritage associated with this tropical fruit. The festival showcased a variety of durian species and celebrated Malaysia's durian industry.


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