Aug 5, 2021

The MalaysiaCarnival Virtual 2021

MalaysiaCarnival Virtual 2021, Malaysia’s very first virtual carnival was officially announced at a press conference held via Zoom today. 

The press conference was attended by Guest of Honour Ybgh. Datuk Rashidi Hasbullah, Deputy President World Research Travel Organisation (WRTO) Malaysia Chapter & Former Secretary-General of Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture Malaysia. Also attending the event was Encik Mohd Amran bin Mohd Haris JKKN Deputy Director General (Arts & Culture).

The virtual carnival is the brainchild of Miss Malaysia Kebaya (MMK) spearheaded by its President & Founder Dr Jason Hee Jee Pin and business partner Nicole Fe Lynne. The virtual carnival is an innovative idea and concept that highlights unity through diversity and culture. It was created in view of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic and will be bringing vendors, entertainment and various activities directly to you through a newly developed homegrown high tech virtual platform. The whole project is intended to drive the nation to support local businesses which have been hard hit during these challenging times, especially our local brands and Small-to-Medium Enterprises (SMEs). 

“Despite the current situation, we must go on and remain positive, and work towards being creative and dynamic, to overcome all challenges,” shared Dr Jason Hee in his welcome address.  

“We are fortunate to be able to develop and present this unique MalaysiaCarnival Virtual event with the sophisticated technological support from our main sponsors Virtualtech Frontier & Recur Consult.” Dr Jason Hee expressed gratefully. 
According to Dr Jason Hee, online shopping and delivery services have become highly recommended options these days. Changing consumer habits, with extra screen time faced by everyone these days, Malaysians have now discovered more local businesses with quality products to shop from online.

MalaysiaCarnival is not only limited to online shopping. The carnival will also feature flash sales, giveaways, games, online performances, online workshops, beauty, health & fitness activities, online talks, charity and more. 

MalaysiaCarnival is ramping up its event with days of fun through its various participating partners. 

Among the highlights that you can look forward to includes hair & makeup programs with Lavigato, Sulusso, Seleb, Solaio, basic photography sessions with Why Not Studio, kids colouring contest by TY Malaysia and the list goes on.

For the health-conscious, there will be sharing sessions by My Health Diary and also MD Pharma. 

The Online CommunityCare Forum will also present talks by industry experts and specialists such as Nicole Fe Lynnne (SFW Founder), Dr Jason Hee (MMK Founder), Datin WInnie Loo (A Cut Above Creative Director), Carrie Lee (Miss CosmoWorld Founder), Bon Zainal (MBDA Founder), Dato’s David Gurupatham (Industry Unite Spokesperson).

Among the special highlights of the carnival will be the daily live yoga and fitness sessions presented by Yomaster Dr Adrian Suresh from Anti Ageing Yoga & Welnness Malaysia

Nomination submissions for the upcoming eTravel Awards by Santai Magazine will also be taking place at their designated booth during the carnival.

A charity event "Do Something Good" jointly organized with partners, volunteers, talents, media, NGOs and families to raise funds for families who are in need of food and daily necessities will also be promoted during this virtual event.

“We aim to raise at least RM 20,000 from this initiative and to help 200 families” expressed Dr Jason Hee.

Various entertainment programs will also be included, along with shows targeting the theme of culture, high fashion and talent. There will also be activities for kids, family, community and businesses, as this carnival is tailored for all. 

Closing the show daily (except on Monday) will be live music performances from renowned Malaysian entertainers presented by Musicians for Musicians. 

The amazing event has taken the team from Virtualtech Frontier and Recur Consult two months of continuous hard work, from conceptualisation, design, development to testing. 

“Through their efforts with the Miss Malaysia Kebaya team and its partners, they are proud to unveil this spectacular 2.5-dimensional platform, that will host the MalaysiaCarnival Virtual 2021 event. It is expected to surprise and delight all visitors,” expressed a delighted Dr Jason Hee.

Virtualtech Frontier (VTF) is a technology innovation company aiming to bridge digital technologies into real-world applications. We believe that by challenging the status quo, they can reinvent digital experiences and promote collaboration and engagement. Now, our focus is on delivering virtual expos and events via enhanced 3D and 2D visualization technology, and creative gamification methodology.  VTF’s virtual solutions can help overcome many of the physical limitations in running events, which is even more crucial in these challenging times.

“Over the past year, the Covid-19 crisis has brought about many challenges for the tourism industry. Therefore, through this initiative, we hope to bring Malaysians together to enjoy a fun virtual experience while immersing in the local culture,” shared Virtualtech’s CEO Jason Loh

“Our focus is on delivering virtual expos and virtual events via enhanced 3D and 2D visualization technology and creative gamification methodology,” he further explained while presenting a demo for the MalaysiaCarnival Virtual platform.
VTF’s partner, Recur Consult, is a gamification and behavioural design consultancy based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia that specialises in creating impactful experiences and driving desired behaviours through design and engagement. Empathetic design is at their core, as they direct motivation in a positive manner that is in line with the project values, triggering desired behaviours in order to cultivate the desired business results. 

Recur Consult worked closely with the Virtualtech Frontier team to design gamification frameworks for MalaysiaCarnival Virtual, including the seamless virtual environment, interactive game elements, and onboarding experience. Through this partnership, VTF managed to successfully bring together unique designs, ideas and activities. VTF is certain that the gamified features and activities in this event will provide an enjoyable experience for people of all ages.  

MalaysiaCarnival Virtual 2021 will take place between 8.30 am to 10.30 pm daily, starting from 6th August to 15th August 2021. The official opening of the event will take place at 8.00 pm on 8th August 2021. The carnival can be accessed from

Admission to the carnival is free. 

Vendors are still welcomed to take up virtual booths at the carnival. The booths are currently free but vendors would require to provide some products or services as promotional giveaways or as prizes for the lucky draws. They would also be required to contribute a small percentage (upon negotiation) on any sales derived through the carnival.
MalaysiaCarnival 2021 is supported by MMK Couture, My Health Diary (MHD), TY Malaysia, Why Not Studio, Musicians For Musicians, Anti-Aeging Yoga & Wellness Malaysia, Santai Travel, Esobelle, Oilum, UV Care, Lavigato, Sulusso, Seleb, Solaio, Chloe Creations, My Cooking Story, Vanilla Crepe, Durian Mama, D’King, Koong Woh Tong, Bungan’s Dapun, Target Fitness, Charnergy by One Mobile Gym Enterprise, Amber Chia Academy, A Cut Above,  White Fairy, MoveKids, ELPIS Models, Alist Academy of Confidence, Little Miss & Mister Malaysia, Koref Eco Wellness Village, Bon Zainal, Batek by Rasta Rashid, Gib Idris, Malaysian Darlings and JM Trading, as sponsors and collaboration partners.

Among the collaboration partners from Sabah include Olumis Textiles, Dijen Models, KDCA Women's Council & Breeze Magazine

Official media partners to the carnival are Rentak Sejuta, with Press Matters as the official publicist.


  1. The MalaysiaCarnival Virtual 2021 brings the excitement and festivities of a carnival to the digital realm. This virtual event offers a wide array of activities, performances, and entertainment for participants to enjoy from the comfort of their homes.

  2. From virtual games and rides to live performances and interactive experiences, the MalaysiaCarnival Virtual 2021 is a unique and immersive way to experience the joy and thrill of a carnival atmosphere.


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