Jan 1, 2014

review: Nasi Kandar Line Clear

Ok, this is somewhat embarrassing... I was born in Penang and raised until my teens in Penang but I have never ever been to Line Clear Nasi Kandar until Christmas day 2013.

For those who do not know what nasi kandar is, here is an explanation taken from Wikipedia

Nasi Kandar is a popular northern Malaysian dish, which originates from Penang. It is a meal of steamed rice which can be plain or mildly flavored, and served with a variety of curries and side dishes.

The word Nasi Kandar, came about from a time when nasi (rice) hawkers or vendors would kandar (balance) a pole on the shoulder with two huge containers of rice meals. The name has remained and today the word Nasi Kandar is seen on most Tamil Muslim or "Malaysian Mamak" restaurants and Indian-Muslim stall meals.

The rice for a nasi kandar dish is often placed in a wooden container about three feet high, giving it a distinctive aroma. The rice is accompanied by side dishes such as fried chicken, curried spleen, cubed beef, fish roe, fried prawns or fried squid. The vegetable dish would usually be brinjal (aubergine), okra (lady fingers or "bendi") or bitter gourd. A mixture of curry sauces is poured on the rice. This is called 'banjir' (flooding) and imparts a diverse taste to the rice.
Started way back in 1947, Line Clear Nasi Kandar is one of the oldest nasi kandar outlet in Penang. It is located on an alley at the Chulia Street (Lebuh Chulia) and Penang Road (Jalan Penang) junction.
My husband is a nasi kandar aficionado, and he did try bring me here once during our trip back to Penang but the stall was closed then for Friday prayers, so we had to fix our craving at another nearby stall.. 
So anyway, finally,here I am, to check out the place. And boy was there a line...

 Picture of prawns.. waiting to get served. If you are on a shoe string budget, please keep away from the prawns, crabs and giant squids , but if you have no budget, go all out and enjoy!!!!
 The signage....
 See the crowd lining up... 

 myriads of dishes all filled to the brim of tempting curries etc...
Fish head curry anyone? These are truly huge fish head. Guaranteed satisfaction...

This is my dish... being on a little bit of a shoe string diet, I only have a small piece of a pomfret fish curry, some ladies fingers, a small squid and curry "banjir" and the price...? A very reasonable RM8.50... pretty surprising.. The taste? Finger licking good... 

  1. Address: 177 Jalan Penang, Georgetown, 10000 Georgetown, Penang, Malaysia
    Phone:+60 4-261 4440

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