Jan 4, 2014

Painted Skin 2- No regrets for real love (more pics)

The Princess Li Jing and Wang Ying

The opening and closing theme by Hawick Lau.. I kinda love these two songs... nice!!!

Two demon sisters
The fox demon, Xiao Wei, and human general, Wang Ying. 
Princess Jing Er dressed in men's clothing in one of her secret excursions out of the palace
Fox Demon, Xiao Wei
Izz Tsui as Xiao Yang, cousin to Li Jing and a Duke
Hawick Lau as Wang Ying
Xiao Wei, the fox demon
Cai Que, a parakeet demon
Xiao Zhenyu as Zheng Jie,  second prince of the Western Territories
Zheng Jie and Princess Jing
Mao Zijun as the demon slayer, Pang Lang
Pang Lang the demon hunter
Princess Li Jing's bodyguard and close friend
Veteran actress Wang Lin as mother to Xiao Wei the fox demon

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