Jan 25, 2014

A stay at the hospital from dengue fever

Recently I was down with dengue. It was kind of silly because I was also pretty confused having just joint a gym and getting involved almost immediately with a high impact workout, so I thought I was suffering from "Demam Urat" as some people put it. Don't ask me the translation in English as I have yet found out what it actually is.
Anyway, I was really down and out with muscle aches and body aches and a high fever and chills. Finally, I began to suspect that I could have dengue and decided to go and get my blood platelets tested by my family doctor. 
He called me up and said he had bad news. I definitely had dengue with just a blood platelet count of 76 and advised me to get myself warded in the hospital. My cousin too, insisted I checked myself into the hospital which I did.
The awful part came... the injections and needles. I hate that the most. Anyway, my eldest daughter decided to check her blood too and she too had dengue, so both of us were warded into the hospital just one day difference, her being one day later then me.

 One of the things I hate the most....

The 'pretty' encouraging view from the 8th floor of the Tawakkal hospital. My daughter was warded in the Ambrosia ward whilst yours truly here was warded in the Azalea ward. 

The appetizing looking fish and chips which was not so appetizing after all... 

Having dengue is definitely no joke. I guess I am fortunate not to have to go through a blood transfusion as some of my family members did and I have been discharged from the hospital for one week now, after they have deemed my blood platelets rising back, after the fall (blood platelets fell until the count of 50 - Normal being at least 150), but my body feels dehydrated and still very tired and I cannot overtaxed myself still or risk feeling giddy . I have never felt so lousy in my entire life either, not when I got chicken pox or measles and such. 
And for the traditional methods, they did not quite work for me, or if they did, it was pretty slow.. Not sure why but... I did have 100 plus, a lot of it but it made me even more thirsty and crazy, crab soup did not quite help much and even the bitter papaya leaves extract my colleague and friend was truly kind hearted to blend with some honey to make it more palatable for me.. considering my blood platelets only came up about 20+ the next day.
My consulting doctor was pretty kind and I appreciate his advice and care, thanks Dr Tengku Shaifudin and also to all the nurses in Azalea ward, Hospital KPJ Tawakkal. 

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