Jan 25, 2014

Chinese Drama I'm watching: Lan Ling Wang

From left: Yuwen Yong, Lan Ling, Xue Wu
From left: Yuwen Yong, Lan Ling, Xue Wu
  • Title: Lan Ling Wang
  • Chinese Title: 兰陵王
  • Language: Chinese
  • Genre: Historical Drama
  • Released: August 14, 2013
  • Main Cast: Feng Shao Feng (Lan Ling), Ariel Lin (Yan Xue Wu), Daniel Chan (Yuwen Yong)
  • Synopsis: The King of Lan Ling is one of the four most handsome men in ancient Chinese history. A masterful warrior, he led his army into battle and vanquished his foes while wearing a fearsome mask to hide his beauty. The King of Lan Ling’s name is Gao Chang Gong and he was a famed general and prince during the Northern Qi period. His legend painted him as a generous and loyal person, who treated his soldiers with care and respect.
    A prophecy foretold that victory goes to the one who has the priestess blessing. Yang Xue Wu, the last priestess of her clan, unwittingly embroiled in a war between Northern Qi and Northern Zhou. Although she foresees a tragic fate for Lan Ling Wang, the military general of Northern Qi, she nonetheless falls in love with him and helps him win the war against Yuwen Yong, the Emperor of Northern Zhou. However, her action only brings him closer to his fate. As his standing among his people grows, so does the murderous jealousy in Crown prince’s heart. Can she protect him when it’s family who wants him dead
  • Crowned with the title “Beautiful God of War”, Lan Ling Wang is an undefeatable and strong general, who possesses both strength and intelligence. As a prince with royal blood, he treats everyone equally, regardless of their rank and background. He who fights in the war wishes that every battle he participates in, will bring him closer to his goal of having world peace. Being a kindhearted man, he chose to wear a demonic mask whenever he goes on a war, and under the mask, he becomes a cruel and heartless general who soar to bring victory to his kingdom. Upon seeing his mother’s fate not being able to be with the man she loves he vowed to marry and love only one woman in his lifetime, not wanting his wife to share the same fate as his mother.
    The last descendant of the legendary line of female seers known as the Heavenly Maiden. An innocent, cheerful, smart, kindhearted and innovative girl who loves experimenting and inventing new things, often causing trouble in her village. As Xue Wu had never taken a step out of her village, she is ignorant about things going on in the world and easily trust strangers she meet, and often willing to step out bravely and protect what she think is right. Even with her limited medical knowledge, she is able to cure many illnesses and coupled with her intelligence, people unanimously acknowledged her as the Heavenly Maiden.(Jiang Yi Yi 蒋依依 as young Yang Xue Wu)
    As a natural ruler with good looks, wisdom, perception and strength, Yu Wen Yong is also a ruthless Emperor who does not tolerate betrayal. Having to survive in the Palace to protect his throne, he learnt to think calmly, protect himself and to never reveal his weakness to anyone. Even as the ruler of the Kingdom of Zhou who lacks nothing, he is unable to open his heart to anyone due to the cruel environment he grew up in. He views Lan Ling Wang as a respectable rival and cares for Yang Xue Wu, unfortunately, only one of them can survive to be the ruler of the North.[6]

    Northern Qi[edit]

    An De Wang is Lan Ling Wang’s beloved younger half brother, he is also a capable assistant of Lan Ling Wang in his work and private life. Entering the Palace with the same circumstance as his elder brother, he is very dependent and loyal to his brother. He will carry out Lan Ling Wang’s order with no complains and is extremely protective of him. An De Wang is a sweet talker and flirtatious man who treats every woman with love, hence, he has a harem of concubines in his household. He is also the match-maker of Lan Ling Wang and Xue Wu, and is often the mood-maker in the series.
    • Zhai Tian Ling 翟天臨 as Gao Wei Emperor of Northern Qi 高緯 北齊後主
    Born as the Crown Prince of the Kingdom of Qi, many people had high expectations from him. Gao Wei is kindhearted in nature, but being overshadowed by his cousin, Lan Ling Wang, he slowly became a multi-faceted and cruel man. In the series, he showed the extreme ends of kindness and cruelty of human being, resorting to any means in order to get the throne. He is willing to do anything for the love of his life Zheng Er and is blinded by that love.
    Zheng Er used to be the palace maid of the previous Empress of Qi, a beautiful and innocent girl who fell in love with Lan Ling Wang at first sight. She was a candidate for Lan Ling Wang’s Official Wife and is skilled in cooking, music and dancing. She would resort to any means in order to be with the man she loves. Due to various incident, she turned her love for Lan Ling Wang to hatred, took on the identity of Feng Xiao Lian and became the current Empress of Qi. Feng Xiao Lian is an extremely scheming Empress who manipulates the Emperor of Qi (Gao Wei) in the shadow to revenge the two people who made her life miserable.
    • Shawn Wei 魏千翔 as Han Xiao Dong 韓曉冬
    Xiao Dong is the forever guardian angel of Xue Wu and is extremely loyal and caring towards her. He is secretly in love with Xue Wu, and regardless of his poor background, Xue Wu regards him as her best friend. He sees Xue Wu as a beautiful moon in the sky, a faraway beauty in which he can never reach. He vowed to use his life to protect Xue Wu, and he is often seen arguing with Zheng Er.
    Fourth Emperor of Northern Qi Dynasty. Gao Wei's father. Lan Ling Wang and An De Wang's uncle. Was killed by his son Gao Wei.
    Empress to Emperor Gao Zhan. Gao Wei's biological mother. Will do anything to make sure her son Gao Wei ascends to the throne.
    • Li Donghan 李東翰 as Yang Shi Shen 陽士深
    Northern Qi General. Played crucial role in many battles. Trusted friend and subordinate to Lan Ling Wang. Did not have favorable impression of Yang Xue Wu in the beginning.
    • He Qiang 賀鏹 as Duan Shao 段韶
    Lan Ling Wang's trusted mentor. Personally brought Lan Ling Wang to the palace at age 6.
    • Zhang Guoqing 張國慶 as Zu Ting 祖珽
    Northern Qi official and Gao Wei's trusted adviser. Causes tension between Lan Ling Wang and Gao Wei by instilling jealousy in Gao Wei. Planned to betray Northern Qi empire by poisoning Yuwen Yong and controlling him. Northern Qi army turns against him and he is killed in the hands of Lan Ling Wang.
    Great Northern Qi General. Killed by Gao Wei for his honest comments towards Gao Wei. Hulu Xu Da's father.
    • Wang Tianye 王天野 as Hulu Xu Da 斛律須達
    Northern Qi General. Trusted friend to Lan Ling Wang since young. Does not like to follow orders. Captured and tortured by Northern Zhou Empire. Died during his rescue. Hulu Guang's son.
    • Deng Sha 鄧莎 as Lan Ling Wang's birth mother 高長恭之母
    Lan Ling Wang's biological mother. She escaped from the palace when she was pregnant with her son, but had to give him up once they were found.
    • Zhu Haijun 朱海君 as Xiao Cui 小翠
    Lan Ling Wang's house maid and loyal servant. Stays with An De Wang after all his concubines leaves him.

    Northern Zhou[edit]

    Even though the Empress’s marriage with Yuwen Yong is a political move, she loves Yuwen Yong deeply. She is a wise and knowledgeable woman who is able to aid her husband to acquire and become the ruler of the North wholeheartedly. Even with all the things she had done for Yuwen Yong, she is still unable to capture his heart.
    • Zheng Xiao Ning 鄭曉寧 as Yuwen Hu 宇文護
    Northern Zhou empire Chief Minister . Yuwen Yong uncle. His cruel ambitions for power and the throne leads him to kill Yuwen Yong brothers and previous Northern Qi Emperors. Was eventually killed by Yuwen Yong.
    • Wang Zheng 王峥 as Yuwen Shen Ju 宇文神举
    Yuwen Yong's trusted subordinate.
    Northern Zhou general. Ambitious and unscrupulous, his main goal is for victory against the enemy. Loyal subordinate of Yuwen Yong. Yuwen Yong was forced to kill him after the Chief Minister Yuwen Hu shames him for losing a battle against Lan Ling Wang.
    • Zhang Zi Mu 張籽沐 as Yuwen Zhen 宇文貞
    Yuwen Yong's niece. She is a sickly child. Yuwen Yong is very protective of her since her father was killed by his uncle Yuwen Hu.
    • Zong Feng Yan 宗峰岩 as Yuwen Yu 宇文毓
    Northern Zhou's previous Emperor. Yuwen Yong's half brother. Yuwen Zhen's father. Was poisoned to death by his uncle Yuwen Hu.
Prince Lan Ling & Yang Xue Wu
Prince Lan Ling & Yang Xue Wu
Gao Wei & Xiao Lian
Gao Wei & Xiao Lian
Xue Wu & Yuwen Yong
Xue Wu & Yuwen Yong
Lan Ling & Xue Wu
Lan Ling & Xue Wu
Prince Lan Ling & Xue Wu
Prince Lan Ling & Xue Wu

Xue Wu and Prince Lan Ling

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