Feb 8, 2014

Reviewing Sasatinnie Foot Boots Pomegranate

I got this packet a few weeks ago and I found it again yesterday in my cupboard while clearing up some stuff. So I decided to use it. 
To use it, open up the packet and you will find a huge sheet kind of weirdly shaped. You will see that there are dotted lines in the middle section. Tear it according to the lines and you will have 2 pieces of the foot mask/bootee.

You really have to clean your feet before using it to only ensure that the ultimate absorption of the essence but also there won’t be any bacteria or germs battling the essence of the bootee!
(oh dear... I don't know why this picture is upside down... :-(  )

Slide your feet into it the bootee. Your feet will instantly feel moisture which is the essence in the bootee for your feet. The Sasatinnie Pomegranate Foot Boots contains ginseng extract, pomegranate extract and green tea extract, which provide immediate skin moisturizing and firming effect to dry skin, as well as skin restoring. It is anti-aging, antioxidant, and can smoothen your skin after use. 

Let your feet soak in the bootee for 20-30minutes. In that duration, you can feel the coolness of the essence absorbing into your skin. You can then read a book or play some games on your tablet/computer to while the time away.

I have really dry feet and wearing high heels and slippers does not help at all. So using this Bootee with its essence is really wonderful. After  about  30 minutes, I removed the bootee and massage the remaining essence on my feet.  You can feel the smoothness of your feet fully moisturized! The suggested usage is 2-3 times a week for 4 weeks continuously. 

Read the back of the packaging for full details. I got this packet from Sasa for RM7.90 and will go back for more as I like it!!!! Go get one and try..

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