Feb 12, 2014

Photo Book offer.

I am a great fan of Pixajoy's photobook and I love my photobooks. They print them with great quality and my books are just gorgeous so I am pretty excited about this offer... Do take the opportunity to grab it before it is gone!!! It cost just RM5 for a gorgeous Layflat Lite Hardcover Photo Book.... so hurry!!!!!

Fun, Easy and Portable. This cool little carry-along photo book is the size easily fit into your hand/clutch bag. 
It's a great way to share photos with family and friends at any moment!

Stylish Layflat Hardcover
Elegant and stylishly perfect! 

Ideal for the celebration of love or for your 
labour of love...
• Wedding Album
• Photographer's Portfolio
• Book of Love
• Self Portrait Album
Special Features
• Pages open as a spread, 180° flat, making them 
   perfect for using 1 photo across 2 pages. 
• Photo/designed pages are first printed on the 
   chosen paper material and are then mounted
   onto hard board pages of the book,
   making each page about 1.5mm thick. 

Also great for: First-class Catalogue  |  Music Book

Congrats! You're invited to get Mini Layflat Lite Hardcover at RM5 only!

Come purchase the Mini Layflat Lite Photo Book for just RM5 (NP:RM75)  http://www.pixajoy.com.my/mini-layflat-offer and quote FLDZY2VQ as referrer

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