Feb 20, 2014

Cheap Japanese food haven....at AEON One Utama

If you are a fan of sushi, sashimi, onigiri, teriyaki and so on, prepare to immerse yourself into a haven of cheap affordable and fresh Japanese delicacies. So far, the selection of fresh Japanese food at AEON One Utama is probably one of the best I have seen.  There is sooooo much choice of fresh seafood, sushi, 

california rolls etc... and even air flown teriyaki all the way from Japan. Check out the pictures...
What's more is they are truly affordable and from just RM1.50 per piece etc.

My little daughter loves it here as she is a fan of Japanese food. And it is a cheaper alternative to Sushi King or Sakae Sushi.. when you are carefully watching your budget.

 Fresh imported seafood... just choose whatever you like...

 Which one do you want....sets for family /party or singles which you can pick and choose

 An assortment of california rolls and soy sauce

My selection for the day.... Air flown salmon teriyaki for about RM12.90 and a baby octopus rice cake/ sushi


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