Feb 15, 2014

A small but awesome birthday dinner

Our children decided to organize a small birthday party as usual for my dear hubby, whose birthday was next week. 

My eldest daughter Suria Natalia could only come back this week, as she had an important test the very next week, so she arrived early yesterday morning at 5 am from Dungun, Trengganu and cooked a couple of dishes, chicken curry and oyster sauce xiao pak chai for my dear hubby and my other sweet daughter Alyssa Aisya made a most beautiful and delicious cake too for her dad.

This is it, our very simple and intimate birthday (and Valentine - if you like, birthday dinner) 

Kudos to both girls for a great job. I am sure your Baba loves it all... I love it too.. thanks!!! 

Thanks also to my mother in law for her lovely sambal telur and fried rice contribution which was just lovely as well..

 the dishes

 the gorgeous birthday cake Alyssa made. It is a lovely chocolate cake with just dusting of icing sugar and colored sugar and it is really delicious

 the birthday boy and his lovely children

 the pretty birthday cake up close... for a 2nd and 3rd look... simply gorgeous...

 Singing the birthday song...

make a wish and blow.... (may that wish come true....)

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