Feb 21, 2014

Anakku Signature baby care

Anakku gave us a bottle of their new Anakku Signature Milk Foam Bath, a bottle of the Anakku Signature Milk Lotion and A packet of Anakku Signature Baby Wipes to try in the goodie bag.

The Anakku Signature Milk Head to Toe is a unique milk foam base enriched with Vitamin A & E. It helps cleans and moisturize your baby's skin and hair. It comes with a lovely fragrance that is undeniably "baby" scented. It retails for RM15.90 per bottle of 500ml in West Malaysia and RM16.90 per bottle in East Malaysia.

The Anakku Signature Milk Lotion is a pH balanced and protein- enriched lotion that helps your baby maintain soft and supple skin. The smell is more "baby" scented then milk and it comes in two sizes, and retails for RM5.90 per bottle of 100 ml or RM18.90  per bottle of 500ml in West Malaysia and RM6.90 per bottle of 100 ml or RM19.90 per bottle in East Malaysia.

The Anakku Signature Baby Wipes 80s (green color) is heaven sent as everyone needs to use wet wipes irregardless if you are an adult or a baby or so. Wet wipes have become an essential in my life, as I use it for so many things, cleaning my hands after lunch, or before lunch, wiping sweat etc, and also cleaning off my make up. This wet wipes are awesome for instant , hygienic cleaning. It's easy to use , not sticky and fragrance free. Best of all, it comes with Vitamin A & E for extra skin nourishment. It retails for RM7.50 for a packet of 80 wipes in West Malaysia and RM8.50 in East Malaysia...

Go get some and try it .

For more info, visit and like  https://www.facebook.com/Anakkusignature

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