Jan 25, 2021

Getting healthier hair with MODOS International Hair series...

Lately, I have been a happy girl... How could I not when my hair is softer then before and I spot less hair fall too, thanks to MODOS International Hair products... and I have to admit I have also fallen in love with the fresh scent as well as the benefits my hair has derived from the products... 

MODOS International prides itself on being natural and healthy... It is formulated with green tea extract as main ingredient... 

All of us know that green tea is one of the most healthiest beverage around, rich with potassium, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, zinc, copper, vitamin E and vitamin C 

Green tea contains essential oil that helps lower testosterone and removes DHT build-up which  is one of the key causes of hair loss.... 

This when you use MODOS International Hair series products, you:
1. Get lesser hair problems 
2. Keep your hair healthy 
3. Balances oil production 
4. Strengthen hair follicles 
5. Prevent hair loss
6. Improves  scalp metabolism
7. Promotes hair growth

MODOS International Hair series mission is to give their customers a "Privileged Price" without burdening them while helping solve all scalp and hair problems.... 

I have been using MODOS International Hair series products for a couple of weeks now and am loving it!!! 

My hair care routine starts with washing my hair the  MODOS Follicle Reconstruct Shampoo
(RM68.00) which helps improve my scalp and hair... The shampoo is uniquely blended with protein and amino acid to rid the scalp and skin tissue of debris build-up and stimulate a healthier skin tissue... The ingredients help improve natural oil balance....

Then after leaving the shampoo in while I soap myself, I rinse it off before applying MODOS One Minute Spa Treatment (RM98.00). Rich with green tea essential oils, the One Minute Spa Treatment helps hydrate hair follicles and keep my scalp fresh while promoting smooth hair and added shine.... 

Once finished rinsing off the One Minute Spa Treatment, and towelling dry... I spray MODOS Hair Tonic (RM98.00) on my scalp the best I can... MODOS International Hair Tonicis is a leave on solution that promotes healthy hair by improving the condition of my scalp... Formulated with a unique combination of organic herbs and essential oils to assure nutrient intake, the tonic also stimulates blood circulation and balance sebum production, resulting in optimal improvement of our hair... 

I seriously love these products especially the refreshing light leafy smell and also the coolness of my scalp after using the products... 

Will definitely be using these haircare again... 

For more info, check out... 


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