Jan 8, 2021

Rozita Che Wan appointed Brand Ambassador for Mylea

Amylea Group SDN.BHD has kicked off their 2021 by appointing the beautiful and famous local actress, Rozita Che Wan as the brand ambassador for their brand Mylea..

And I was fortunate to be among those invited to bear witness and who got to see the beautiful Rozita Che Wan also fondly known as Che Ta

A media conference was held at the  Royale Chulan Kuala Lumpur recently for the contract signing with the two beautiful ladies Rozita Che Wan and  Amylia Farhana, the founder of Mylea present along with their husbands... 

In line with their "Your Beauty Our Responsibility" tagline, Mylea is a local Malaysian brand that has been trusted to eliminate blemishes especially freckles since 2013. They received the Super Health Brand Asia Pacific Award 2018/19, as well as the SME100 Awards 2020 recently and their products are deemed very safe for usage having received their Sirim certification and has passed not only the Ministry of Health Malaysia but the entire Asia Pacific regulations...

Mylea has been in the beauty industry for a good 8 years and many of their customers have achieved the perfect  skin they have dreamt of because of their quality products... 

I can't wait to try their Freckles Serum and Mylea Freckles Bar as well in the hope of achieving clearer skin too... 

The Mylea Freckles Bar can clean all impurities from the skin, including make up.. It brightens, smoothes and tightens skin without any peeling or harsh side effects... 

On the other hand, the Mylea Freckles Serum helps dark spots and freckles to fade while evening your skin tone....

Mylea products have been in demand from pharmacies all over Malaysia but is only available at selected Pharmacies to protect the rights and interests of Mylea agents. And it has also been proven that all Mylea products are very safe for all ages.. 

There are 6 products under the Mylea brand namely Mylea Freckles Serum New Formulation with Moist24 Essence & Centella Asiatica Extract, Mylea Honey Soap, Mylea Treatment Foundation and most recently Mylea Moisturizing Lipmatte, Mylea Pore Invisible Primer and Mylea Lip Scrub... 

For more info, check out https://www.mylea.my



  1. Hai korang, ina one of Jemaah Mylea🥰

    Nak risik risik produk Mylea ataupun nak jana kewangan bersama Mylea buleh wasap ina okey


  2. Hai sy Fatma, wakil sah Mylea. 😊
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