Jan 19, 2021

ED Mun Channeling Insights For Startups Designers

Because of the Covid-19 pandemic, many businesses has been seriously affected, especially with the Movement Control Order in place... And what more when it is a non regulated business sector such as interior designing....

A professional and well-known interior designer himself, Ed Mun also the founder of Space Utilisation Analyst with over 30 years of experience operating his interior design firm successfully has forseen the need to help the interior design industry by sharing his own experiences, knowledge and know-how to budding startup interior designers...

It is only through the sharing of wisdom and experiences will the young budding designers learn to practise good business ethics, and also learn to manage their finances for the long haul in this industry

Ed Mun believes that people in general should learn from COVID19. Be agile and flexible and the world itself is changing and evolving at an exponential speed. Youths today are ready to dive right into new possibilities, therefore he believes it is his duty as the experienced leaders to share and build up the confidence within the younger generation. We are, after all entering into a new era, "The Great Reset”, the old rule book no longer applies.

All these can be accessed through his channel “Insight Interior with Ed Mun"... Aspiring interior designers can check out Ed Mun's design thinking application, processes, and the realities of the interior design industry... As well as ways to improve the survival rate of interior design startups in a regulated but unenforceable industry....  

Ed Mun started building his connections from the first MCO time, and started his master class series in September 2020 with the target of one master class every month in 2021...

Ed Mun’s Youtube channel Insight Interior with Ed Mun (IIEM) is designed to help new designers achieve economic independence and to open their minds to the nature of such a high pressure industry...

The channel is targeted to three (3) market segments and it is;
1. EDUCATIONAL for interior designer community
2. GUIDANCE for property owners, business-owners and homeowners 
3. ENABLING general public and consumer to build a functional relationship with their personal space 
For anyone who subscribes to “Insight Interior with Ed Mun”, they will have access to;

-One (1) master class video per month-Weekly tutorial videos-Connect personally with Ed Mun during “5min with Ed Mun” every Friday at 3pm on Facebook LIVE or Instagram LIVE 

IIEM is all about bridging the gap between professional industry players with the consumers and budding interior designers.

Ed Mun’s specialty trade secret of pushing design boundaries is by incorporating scientific measurement, psychology of space, human behaviour and Zen theory to develop an original method of in space assessment, hence providing holistic, cost- effective solutions for his clientele. Several of his notable clientele include Samsung, Hong Leong Bank, Mary Kay, Volvo Malaysia, MURAD Beauty, Hong Leong Bank, Al-Madinah University, and Fuji Xerox to name a few.

"Youths are the future leaders, they play an important part in building the nation and shaping the country. Given the right skills, I believe in them and the change they can bring," - Ed Mun, Founder & Design Director of Space Utilisation Analyst (S.U.A)

Ed Mun is a also the creative doyen in the Malaysian Interior Design industry with over 30 years of experience specialising in retail and corporate interior design.

All videos are currently available on all Insight Interior with Ed Mun (IIEM) social media platform.
Facebook : @insightinteriorem
Instagram : @insightinteriorem
Twitter : @insightedmun
YouTube : Insight Interior with Ed Mun : https://bit.ly/36H1FEO
LinkedIn : Ed Mun 


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