Jan 21, 2021


As a woman in her 40s, it is very very important for me to put in more effort to take care of my health and beauty.. so that I can continually look and feel my best... But no matter what age we are we really need to take care of ourselves so we can be confident and feel great about ourselves.

Some of the products I use in my daily life currently come from MD Pharma Sdn Bhd, a fast rising star in the wellness and beauty care industry

I am also proud to note MD Pharma Sdn Bhd was awarded the Personal Care & Healthcare Company of the Year 2019-2020 at the prestigious Malaysia Fashion, Modelling & Pageant Awards (MFMPA) 2020, which was held at the Grand Ion Delemen Hotel in Genting Highlands.

Receiving the award from Tuan Zulkifly Bin Md Said was MD Pharma’s Managing Director Andrew Tan, who has been making his mark in the wellness, personal care and beauty marketplace, with his company’s dermatologically tested products. The company was selected to top the list of awardees, by an esteemed panel of judges made up of industry experts, models, beauty queens and also members of the media. 

Founded in 2015, MD Pharma has transformed itself from just being a distributor of well-known skin care, beauty care and wellness products, to a producer of its own top quality products, created especially to meet local requirements.

Among their top-selling products, which I am also using include Oilum, UVeCare, GlutaGlow and V-Mina, which are popular among consumers because of the effectivity, quality, natural ingredients used and the safety of their products.

Tan, who also happens to be the Deputy President of Malaysian Pharmacists Society expressed, “MD Pharma strongly believes that health is beauty”, while proudly admiring his well-deserved award.

“Beauty is more than just skin deep. It also comes from being healthy in mind, body and soul", he springfully added.

Oilum personal care products, which are formulated by dermatologists, is made with natural olive oil and collagen ingredients that work together in a unique formula that results in younger-looking skin. 

They work through 3 effective actions in restoring sustainable skin hydration balance; Oilum improves the environment of the dry skin to a condition that effectively supports the skin re-hydration mechanism, protects the skin from damaging environmental factors without suffocating the skin and facilitates the skin in its natural re-hydration and repair mechanism.

Oilum lotion enriches the skin with Collagen & AHA/Lactic Acid that work effectively in the balanced environment to facilitate skin re-hydration and rejuvenation process and also supplements the skin with anti-ageing substances which can’t work effectively in imbalanced environment.

Oilum’s Lotion has been clinically proven to improve Skin Natural Hydration Balance within 3 weeks. 

At the recent 2020 Natural Health Reader’s Choice Award, Oilum’s Hydro-Rebalance Firming Cleanser won Best Moisturising Cleanser (Dry & Wrinkled Skin) while its Derma-Firm Lotion won Best Moisturising Lotion (Dry & Wrinkled Skin), thus adding even more accolades to the ever-popular brand.

Formulated with vitamin C, arbutin and glutathione, UVeCARE 3-in-1 Brightening Up sunscreen (SPF50 PA+++) helps to prevent damage to the skin caused by harmful UVA and UVB rays including sunburn, pigmentation, age spots, wrinkles and dull complexion. This sunscreen is free from alcohol, fragrance and paraben and does not leave a sticky, greasy feeling on your skin. You can use it on your entire body as well as your face and neck.  

GlutaGlow is an oral skin supplement with multiple beauty benefits and features four of the most well-known beauty ingredients: yeast extract (containing L-glutathione), marine collagen, astaxanthin and vitamin E. GlutaGlow is a comprehensive 4-in-1 beauty supplement that offers a range of skin-enhancing benefits. These include whitening, firming, moisturising as well as UV protection.  

L-glutathione protects the skin from damaging ultraviolet rays and offers skin brightening benefits while astaxanthin serves as an internal sunscreen which contributes to preserving skin elasticity. The supplement also includes marine collagen to help with reducing wrinkles as well as vitamin E to give your skin an antioxidant boost. These four ingredients work harmoniously together to nourish and improve your complexion with regular consumption.  

V-Mina Feminine Lightening Gel with YoghurtExtract++™ is gentle and helps to lighten skin tone naturally with clinically tested natural extracts.

MD Pharma’s recent recognition at MFMPA continues to prove that the company Is focused on providing quality, effective and safe products to its consumers. MD Pharma is also no stranger to beauty, modelling and fashion-related events, where health and looks are important deciding factors. 

MD Pharma are official sponsors to the Miss Malaysia Kebaya series of pageants, Miss Harmony World 2020, Miss CosmoWorld 2020 and also Selangor Fashion Week, among many others and these great products are being used by many well-known personalities in the beauty, modelling and entertainment industries...

Thus MD Pharma is definitely among the go-to skincare, personal care and healthcare product supplier in the nation. 

You can find MD Pharma's range of products available at all leading community pharmacies, aesthetic clinics, private GP clinics, well known private hospitals and also in online stores.

For more info, check out these websites:-

Hotline: +6019-8860213


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