Jun 13, 2022

Cow Brand Beauty Soap and Bouncia Body Wash for soft and well moisturised skin

Do you know that when we shower with the wrong soap the moisture in our skin could dry out if we're not using the right soap….

This makes our skin dehydrated and even flaky...  Most of us are usually not concerned with our body wash as long as it creates enough foam and has pleasant fragrant...

There are stories that Cleopatra bathed in milk to maintain her complexion….  Some stories also mention Roman Empress Poppaea , the wife of Emperor Nero; Queen Catherine Parr and Queen Elizabeth I of England using milk baths to make their skin appear more youthful and pale.

Narajiro Miyazaki - san established his Cow Brand company in 1909 that eventually manufactured and sold superior quality beauty soaps.

The Cow Brand company holds the old saying here, “business as slow but steady pace of the cow” close to heart…. It is not just something they put in their products but also symbolises the spirit and posture of the Cow Brand company policy. The Japanese people say that the cow does not know how to turn back and can only go forward with tenacious perseverance. .. and therefore It is a good example for them to follow. Also a cow is pretty mild and docile in disposition and yet with much vitality, it is liked by everybody …

The Cow Brand Beauty Soap which is made in Japan offers simple, natural ingredients for healthy, soft, and beautiful skin. It is a famous brand of Japanese bar soap that has been loved by all since its production in 1909. 

Through continuous usage, your skin will grow supple, smooth, and gain a youthful glow. It is a trusted brand of soap that has been around for almost a 100 years

There are two different kinds of Cow Brand Beauty Soap which are the BLUE and RED soap….

RED Cow Brand Beauty Soap produces rich, creamy lather. After rinsing off the soap lather from your body, your skin will feel dewy and moist. This soap uses squalene to upkeep natural skin moisture. This soap also works well for adult acne. Your pores will decrease in appearance and your acne problems with regular use!

BLUE Cow Brand Beauty Soap (sold since 1949) produces a thick, plush lather. After rinsing off the soap lather from your body, your skin will feel so refreshed. If you have adolescent acne, then cleansing your face with this soap is recommended. (Be sure to completely moisturize afterwards!)

Bouncia Body Wash is another product from Cow Brand.. it is a liquid body soap that keeps the skin moisturized… but what is unique is also the shower cream created solid and rubbery foam particles like a “whipped cream” , that can penetrate the skin pores to make it keeps clean and moisturised….

Bouncia Body Wash cleanses your skin without stripping its moisture; gently removing skin impurities, dirt, and excess oils. This body wash is enriched with moisturizing ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, collagen, and milk butter, and has a whipped cream-like texture with a rich lather that you will fall in love with

Bouncia Body Wash can actually produce a lot of foam if you use it with shower puff. The foams are light and gentle. One single pump or two could be more than enough to create foams for the entire body. I also love the hydrated feeling after rinsing without slippery feeling. It also smells really nice ….

Bouncia Body Wash is available at the nearest AEON Wellness

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