Jul 19, 2017


Vitacare Pharmacy is a place where medicine and food meet. The people at Vitacare believe in a holistic approach to health and wellness, therefore whenever you step into a Vitacare Pharmacy, you will be sure to find a whole array of healthy and organic foods at their outlets and friendly pharmacists readily on hand to advise you on any queries you may have…

So yours truly was over at Vitacare Pharmacy at the Gardens where they had their ‘Health & Wellness Discovery Journey’ event for some of us bloggers and influencers…

This year marks Vitacare Group of Pharmacy’s 30th anniversary, which makes Vitacare, the longest serving independent pharmacy in Malaysia.

Vitacare was started by 2 enthusiastic and passionate Malaysian pharmacists back in 1987, Vitacare focuses on providing holistic health and wellness products and medical consultation, offering both the typical pharmaceutical products and also an extensive range of health and wellness products, both locally manufactured and imported, to complement and complete the healthy lifestyle of our communities and there are 13 stores across Klang Valley…

Vitacare also carries many exclusive products that you cannot easily find elsewhere since they have developed their own products with reputable and reliable manufacturers after extensive R and D, such as the RIN Enzyme, Ginger Garlic Vinegar, AkuaRiz, Sensenique and so on…

We got to witness a live demonstration of “Live Blood Analysis” (LBA) – a test using high-resolution dark field microscopy to observe the life blood cells to provide information about the state of the immune system, possible vitamin deficiencies, amount of toxicity, pH and mineral imbalance and other areas of imbalance which pretty much left us in awe as well as super fascinated and eventually err, smart enough to differentiate healthy blood and sluggish and not so healthy blood after a couple of tests … hehehe…. So be sure to head over to Vitacare and try it out yourself!

We also marvelled at how sticky blood cells and sluggish blood seem so much healthier half an hour after the owners downed a dose of RIN Enzyme.. this would be because the enzymes in our body supposedly keeps us in good health but when we grow older, as well as being subjected to pollutions, stress, an unhealthy lifestyle and so on, our body’s ability to secrete internal enzymes decreases and when we have enzyme deficiency, that is when trouble begins…

Symptoms such as gas, bloating, acid reflux, heartburn, nausea, constipation, organ function disruption, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes skin ailments, irritable bowel, allergies etc, etc, etc… even cancer can happen… so with that it would naturally be recommended to get and consume some enzyme drink such as RIN Enzyme since it is amazing how different your blood condition is after a dosage in just half an hour…

The Japanese people had started to consume enzyme drinks 80 years ago, by producing these enzymes under specific conditions requiring approximately 100 steps to make the enzyme bioactive and effective by biological fermentation technique that is free from artificial chemicals.

A unique formulation is used to blend various fresh fruits and vegetables, grains, seaweed etc so that a 100% pure comprehensive plant enzyme is extracted. It contains rich and diversified enzymes with high activity.

RIN Enzyme is a premium phyto-enzyme drink from Japan, fortified with more than 36 kinds of vegetables, fruits, grains, algae and green grass.

20ml of Rin Enzyme a day can help enhance digestion and nutrient absorption, promote metabolism, increase body immunity, reduce blood acidity, normalise hormones, improve skin complexion, assist weight loss and promote general well-being.

For your information, our Live Blood Analysis (LBA) will be stationed at The Gardens Mall and Suria KLCC on every 1st Saturday of the month starting August. So the 1st LBA is on 5th August 2017 from 10am – 6pm.

The charges for the Live Blood Analysis are as follow:
 VCard Member during VCare Day : FREE
VCard Member normal days : RM10
Non VCard Members : RM30

We also got to learn more about why we should really include Astaxanthin in our diet..and how it is just so beneficial for all of us as it is a powerful natural antioxidant, and helps keep our brains healthy to prevent age-related dementia, and improve our memory; it also helps reduces eye fatigue/dryness/soreness; it acts as an internal sunscreen and protects our skin from wrinkles and age spots and best of all it reduces the likelihood of getting heart disease, reduce pain and increase mobility in arthritis and boosts up our immunity…

All these from lifestream AstaZan Natural Astaxanthin.. so isn’t it about time you tried it out or bought some for your parents…

For more details on Vitacare, check out http://www.vitacare.com.my
For more details on RIN Enzyme, check out rin-enzyme
For more details on lifestream AstaZan, check out lifestream-astazan


  1. The correct concept,get yourself an analysis before purchase any supplement. So we can know what is lacking and best for our body

  2. I also need to take more enzyme and take care of my health.

  3. This is absolutely the right concept, you are what you eat.


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  5. I have always get myself check every 6 months - by that I know what to get from the store. A friend of mine love to visit Vitacare.

  6. I never really visit Vitacare before! Next time I know where to visit if I need to discover my body health! Thanks for the sharing!

  7. This is good information on the RIN Enzyme. I've never heard of this before brand but it sounds like something that works. I'll share this with my friends who lives in Malaysia.

  8. this powerful antioxidant Astaxanthin helped my eyes a bit, I think, I need to take it for a longer period, though. thanks for te info!


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