Jul 17, 2017


So I was having some stressful moments recently... My refrigerator started giving me problems... It could not stay cold and water was leaking everywhere.. It was the sight of nightmares and a stench was beginning to come out of it... since when your refrigerator cannot stay cold the foodstuff starts spoiling as well.... and ohmaigerd busuknyer....

I was ready to tear out my hair then... stress.. oh stress...

We called the electrician in and he tried to add some coolant in and it was cold for a little while before it started all over again... finally he pronounced the compressor spoilt and to repair it would cost us about RM500-600...

However, since it is an old fridge, my husband said, lets go and get a new one.. so we headed to the nearest Senheng, where I got to browse through the many varieties of refrigerator they had there...

So after looking around, we decided to get ourselves a nice new refrigerator...

So, Yea Yea ....Let me share my new 'toy'... a nice new refrigerator!! Now my kids can keep their ice cream and chocolates and me.. I can buy more groceries and stuff it in.. afterall I have such a big space.../Saya nak share satu mainan baru ni! Jeng Jeng Jeng!! Peti sejuk baru!!! Sekarang, anak-anak saya boleh simpan aiskrim-aiskrim dan coklat, I pulak boleh beli banyak grocery lagi ... so besar ruangannya ...

It was very fortunate that I had a PlusOne member card and did you know when you download the Senheng app, you can even get some free discount vouchers worth up to RM2000?

 So don't say I 'tak payung' ok, if you are shopping for some new electrical items like a refrigerator, a washing machine, a tv or so, head over to #senQMY #SenhengMY /Tau tak Senheng bagi baucer diskaun PERCUMA untuk PlusOne member sekarang? Senang je, download Senheng app, dapat baucer diskaun percuma sebanyak RM2000!

Siapa-siapa mahu beli barangan electronik, cepat-cepat pergi #senQMY #SenhengMY


  1. RM2000 is a lot of savings! I do have a membership with them but sadly I can't use it here in Aus.

  2. Wow. Nice promotion. I want to buy all electric stuff. ;)

  3. wow..that's alot that you can save....need to go ask my parents whether they want to change anything or not..lols

  4. That's a huge savings Miera! My Mom have the same reaction when I got her new refrigerator at discounted price, with the model that she like.

  5. Like seriously? My husband will love this since he's a member at there. Haha. It's time for another round of shopping I guess.

  6. Wow, RM2K off... you can get the fridge for free already lah! Envious. I need a new fridge as well. And a TV, and a computer and so many other appliances!

  7. Best nya!! Definitely worth the price for a fridge. I think I'll need it when I move to new house.

  8. Senheng offer attractive discount. Is time to plan for my new house kitchen equipment.

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