Jul 5, 2017

Awesome Books to Read This Summer

Looking for something a little different to read this summer? Tired of the same old top ten book lists or the laundry list of classics that are coming up short? If you are like me and have a bunch of half finished books on your shelf because they turned out to be boring, then check out these kick ass books this summer. I promise, you won’t be bored. There’s something for everyone on this list, and it offers a good mix of new and newish titles.

For The Broke Entrepreneur

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If you are a struggling writer, artist, babysitter - any kind of entrepreneur - you’re going to want to make some time to read Jen Sincero’s latest installment of the Badass books: You Are a Badass at Making Money. She tells it like it is and offers insightful ways to go out and get what you want out of life. She challenges you to get off the fence and make a decision already. It gets you all fired up and makes you want to go get your goals. She uses autobiographical anecdotes to cheer you on.

For the Car Lover

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Magnus Walker wrote a book called Dirt Don’t Slow You Down and he is promoting it in the UK right now. This guy knows his cars and took his “rough around the edges” approach to writing this book. It’s a great read while you are sipping a beer under a big tree this summer. He doesn’t hold back and offers great advice to anyone just looking to live their life on their own terms. This guy is the real deal.

For the Music Fiend

Image result for magic strings of frankie presto

Mitch Albom has been on the scene for years writing beautiful tales of inspirational fiction blended with incredible non-fiction. His books are not only unique, but they make you want to be a better person. The Magic Strings of Frankie Presto is an amazing tale that intertwines real people in our world, including the likes of Elvis and The Rolling Stones, with a fictional character. It makes you wonder if he wasn’t real because of the detail that has gone into making the main character a part of real history.

For the Pet Lover

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What book collection would be complete with a recommendation for a summer story about a beloved pet? A Dog’s Purpose, by W. Bruce Cameron, made it to big screens in 2016 and was a hit with animal lovers everywhere. The story tells the tale from the dog’s perspective and makes the reader laugh, cry and want to run out and buy a dog immediately.

Whatever book you decide to pick up this summer, be sure to get at least one good read under your belt. Summer is about long lazy days and tucking a book into your beach bag or backpack is a great way to unwind and learn something about yourself or someone else.


  1. I have bought 3 novels that I have yet to read and now have to read articles for my proposal

  2. Such great collection of books.. Let's read up and gain knowledge..

  3. Wow! i want to check out You Are a Badass at Making Money, need to earn more money la dear

  4. Nice collection. A Dog's purpose? I wanna check that out!

  5. I want A Dog's Purpose. Need to watch the movie as well! Have to find the time for both.


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