Jul 8, 2017

Ultherapy® for a younger you

Did you know Merz Aesthetics' Ultherapy® is celebrating the milestone achievement of providing one million treatments globally... Yeah... one million...

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Since its global launch in 2008, the non-invasive ultrasound device has become a game-changer in physician offices worldwide by using the body’s own regenerative response to gently and naturally stimulate collagen growth, don't you think that is impressive...

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This revolutionary treatment happens to also be the only U.S FDA-cleared non-invasive skin-lift for neck, under the chin and on the eyebrow. So with this, the Authentic Ultherapy™ is U.S FDA-cleared to improve the appearance of lines and wrinkles on the d├ęcolletage- yup, your cleavage, bustline or 'longkang', if you like to flaunt it with low cut dresses...

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Yours truly was over at the Health, Fitness and Beauty Expo '17 held at the Mid Valley Exhibition Centre to check out the machine which consist of three main parts -the control unit, the handpiece and transducer as well as the offerings and benefits...

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Ultherapy® is frequently requested in Renee Clinic, says Dr Cheok Jia Rhong, Aesthetic Medicine Practitioner (LCP Holder), because it’s non-invasive, naturally stimulates collagen growth, and provides visible results. Thus becoming a favorite among aesthetic patients looking to stay younger.

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 The treatment deliver these incredible benefits, with very little to no downtime, allowing those treated with Ultherapy® to quickly get back to their everyday life and routines...

Besides that, only one treatment a year is needed to maintain your youthful looks which can take anywhere from 15 - 45 minutes.. Isn't that like amazing..

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Ultherapy®’s proprietary DeepSEE™ ultrasound imaging allows physicians to see the layers of tissue targeted during the treatment to ensure energy is deposited where it will be most beneficial, which makes the treatment even more popular among physicians.  This unique technology has been supported by more than 50 clinical studies, more than 60 published, peer reviewed papers, and over 100 patents worldwide.

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“We’re extremely proud to be celebrating this milestone of treating one million patients with Ultherapy® on a global scale,” said Philip Burchard, Chief Executive Officer, Merz Pharma. “Ultherapy® continues to lead in the category due to its breakthrough, award-winning innovation, our dedicated physicians, and consistent patient satisfaction. We look forward to celebrating the next million treatments.”

So if you are looking for a non invasive face lift, you really should get uplifted with Authentic Ultherapy™ 

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Check out www.merzaesthetics.com for the list of physicians offering the authentic treatment or www.reneeclinic.com

Add - 468-G-9, Ground Floor, Block G, Rivercity, 3rd Mile Jalan Ipoh, 51200 Kuala Lumpur

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  1. I am all for non-invasive treatments. This certainly beats having to remember to consume the collagen drink everyday. I keep forgetting.

  2. I wonder how much is this! Once a year sounds so convince and the results r so convincing.

  3. Time to do something with my saggy skin.


  4. Interesting treatment. I should go for it too to looks younger.

  5. wow, got so much to learn about this and I believe to young should starts from now. dun wait till old... - Racheal

  6. I am impressed on how the after results are! Its important that we maintain and take care of our skin when we are still young.

  7. wow its nice.. hope to have this treatmen in my skin

  8. OMG! You're getting prettier dear! I want to try this treatment!

  9. I wish to try this treatment too but its pricey for me.


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