Jul 23, 2017


Did you know, that consuming too much sugary foods may result in dental damages such as tooth decay, gum damage and bad breath and well, the sad thing is we Malaysians love sugary food.. Oh my gawd.. seriously, whenever you order a Milo Ice or a Teh Ais or something from the Mamak shop, don't you think the drinks are practically laden with sugar...

Even when I order my drink 'kurang manis' it still seems so super sweet at times...

 SAFI, No.1 Halal Brand in Malaysia with micro-calcium enriched toothpaste range is proud to introduce its latest addition in their current formulation, which is the Habbatus Sauda. Habbatus Sauda or scientifically know as Nigella Sativa is an ingredient that is commonly used in both Indian and Middle Eastern cuisines.

The black seeds are also known for its anti-bacterial properties and its numerous health benefits such as increasing the body's immune system, help preventing cancer and reducing inflammation.

 In addition to Habbatus Sauda, the SAFI Micro Calcium Toothpaste range is also enriched with calcium, fibre, iron, potassium and protein that are well identified for their healing and protective properties whilst strengthening the teeth twice as well as fighting against cavities, gum damages and bad breath.  

The SAFI Micro Calcium toothpaste with the latest formulation comes in modern packaging design and is made using ingredients that are Syariah-compliant and in line with the needs of Muslim consumers with three flavour variations: Herbal Orange, Miswak and Sea Cucumber (Gamat). Now, your teeth can be twice brighter and stronger with refreshing and pleasant breath all day long. There’s nothing to be worried about. Put on your brightest smile and share your happiness with SAFI!

SAFI Micro Calcium Toothpaste Miswak comes enhanced with natural nutrients and anti-bacterial properties of Habbatus Sauda that helps to inhibit bacterial growth – the major cause of dental cavity. Furthermore, it also contains natural Miswak extract for brighter and whiter teeth. 

SAFI Micro Calcium Toothpaste Herbal Orange  
is an enhanced formulation with natural nutrients and anti-bacterial properties of Habbatus Sauda that helps to inhibit bacterial growth – the major cause of dental cavity. Furthermore, the Herbal Orange extract contained provides fresh, long-lasting breath.

SAFI Micro Calcium Toothpaste Sea Cucumber (Gamat) contains natural nutrient and anti-bacterial properties within Habbatus Sauda helps to inhibit bacterial growth – the major cause of dental cavity – within this improved formulation. It also contains natural sea cucumber extract to protect the gum and mouth against mouth ulcer attacks.

*Available in the following size and price - 75g (RM2.80), 175g (RM5.40), 250g (RM6.90), SAFI Micro Calcium Toothpaste range is available now at all major supermarkets, grocery stores, hypermarkets and pharmacies across Malaysia*


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