Jul 6, 2017

Memes on the Internet

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We spend a lot of time online and it doesn’t appear to be slowing down anytime soon. With mass amounts of information coming at us from multiple outlets (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, SnapChat, email, Slack, Pinterest, and Youtube - just to name a few!), it can be hard to distinguish between the funny stuff and the hurtful stuff.

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Memes, which are supposed to be funny ironic stories and pictures of things we can all relate to, can fit into either category: funny or hurtful. Sometimes we don’t stop and think about how the hurt can play into an otherwise funny internet joke.

The next time you see a meme consider these things:

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Is the meme featuring a real person? Some of the best memes on the internet are of cartoons or caricatures of fictional people or characters. Obviously, no one is at risk of being hurt by a cartoon character. But some memes feature real life people, including children. It’s difficult to trace the source of such memes, but you shouldn’t contribute to the violation that is happening by sharing the meme. People are going to share it. Some people are just too ignorant to care about how the internet plays on people’s lives. But you don’t have to share it.

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Is the meme featuring a horrible event? With Donald Trump as president of the United States of America, there are a million haters who are going to put together memes on a regular basis just to make fun of him. But sometimes, people go to far and include tragic events that impact the entire world. It’s making light of a situation, sure, but it can take away from the serious situations happening in the world.

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Is the meme contain something inanimate? If the internet memes you are looking at contain objects like cars or trucks, like these funny car memes, you can forget about the guilt of having a laugh at these memes. No one's getting hurt and no one is being exploited. Sure, you could argue that car makers are being exploited, but big business is a lot different than a child being made fun of online.

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Cats. Sure, they are alive, but you can’t hurt a cat’s feelings. As long as no one is hurting an animal in these memes, cat memes are by far the funniest memes you’ll spend time looking at. I mean, cats are just hilarious. Sure, dogs are funny too, but cats just seem to be able to capture the mood of a meme and all it’s irony in perfect form.

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So the next time you catch yourself losing hours of your life surfing the web, try to be a little conscious of the kinds of things you are laughing at, and who you might be laughing at. We could all stand to laugh at each other a little less, don’t you think? Laugh at the cars and the cats. They don’t care. And if they do, we don’t care that they care. 

Psst- all pics and memes were taken from google and does not belong to me. Credit goes to the makers and hopefully no one was hurt by it...


  1. Lol. I loved all of them. Especially Cats and their attitude!!!

  2. Hahahhaha that black cat is the winner...true kak...totally agree with this...hence why I try my best to be careful with the memes i choose..i even suggested to my friend to be a meme...since her reactions are always on spot..hahahha

  3. Haha...Love the 'fear me' - black cat. Bet everyone loves memes. :) ;)

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