Sep 24, 2017

Nünature Hair Rescue for my damaged and falling hair...

Does it not scare you or frustrates you when you see more hair in your  comb or brush everytime you comb or brush your hair? Sadly, it is one of the signs that your hair is also ageing.. 

Yup, having dull, dry, damaged, brittle, flat and thin hair are the inevitable signs our hair is ageing, and sometimes we help make it age faster when we keep blow drying it, colouring it or using chemical treatments on it..huhuhu.. in the quest to make ourselves more beautiful, at times it makes it worse, what irony is this?

The horrifying fact is, yes, our scalp happens to be the fastest aging skin compared to our facial and body skin… The average speed of hair growth is actually about 1.25cm per month, but on an aging scalp, it slows down as much as 80 percent or even as little as just 0.25cm per month…

Since I already hit my 40’s, I have been more conscious and am constantly in search for good hair care that can help with my hair fall and my weak and yet brittle hair… and I was introduced to Nünature.. I was attracted to Nünature because well… it contains NO SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulphate), it contains NO SLES (Sodium Laureth Sulphate), it contains NO Parabens, it also contains no Colorants, and it is safe for everyday use and contains 98% natural ingredients and it is unbelievably affordable…

Nünature products makes it essential to strengthen hair root, prevent hair fall as well as protect our hair and scalp from everyday damage… and all from just about RM25.00 onwards… and they smell amazing… I seriously love the scent of the products

So what's inside each Nünature hair product?
Indian Kino Tree Extract
The Indian Kino Tree Extract is the one of the key ingredients for Nünature products. As our scalp ages, glycation (hardening of peri-follicular collagen) happens which is one of the main cause of hair loss. The Indian Kino Tree Extract can actually delay scalp aging with its powerful anti-free radical properties, thus preventing cell damage, improve cell metabolism and promote hair growth.

Silk Amino Acids
The second key ingredient would be the Silk Amino Acids which are extracted from raw silk and which happens to be naturally-occurring water-soluble glycoproteins. These molecules penetrate deeply to strengthen, rebuild and nourish damaged hair without causing any build up. When the scalp soaks up its benefits, hair also becomes softer, fuller-bodied and stronger.

Hydrolyzed Soy Protein
The third key ingredient would be the essential amino acids in Soy Protein deliver nutrients to the scalp to maintain its balance. It provides the scalp with essential nutrients for cell renewal, and over time, Soy Protein improves cellular metabolism.

Nünature offers an all-encompassing range of products, formulated to suit all types of hair concerns. With 7 assorted shampoos, 2 different conditioners and another 2 hair masques, you can mix and match for a great hair pampering experience… and psst… they even have a range of 4 assorted bath and shower creams

I was recommended these 3 products for my hair woes….

1   Nünature Volumizing Shampoo – to give my hair extra volume to look more radiant. This shampoo is ideal for those with fine, limp hair with oily roots.

The Benefits of this shampoo is that it can help transform dull, greasy hair and add body, volume and bounce to flat hair. It is touted a saviour for oily scalps and thinning hair and this shampoo actually cleanses your scalp effectively by removing excess oil and promotes hair growth.

As the first step in natural hair care solution for completely healthy hair, this shampoo packed with nutrients and antioxidants gives you soft and voluminous hair that is easy to style and manage.

This shampoo comes with Indian Kino Tree Extract, Witch Hazel (Hammamelis Virginiana Leaf), Panthenol (Vitamin B5) and Guar Tree Extract…

I find it pretty good… since it definitely gave my air dried hair some volume… and as mentioned, I just love the feel of it as well as the scent…

2  Nünature Hydration Conditioner  - this conditioner promises to repair dry & damaged hair, and is of course, ideal for dry, damaged or frizzy hair.

The Benefits of the Nünature Hydration Conditioner is that it provides ultra-intensive conditioning for dry, frizzy and/or damaged hair. Since my hair has undergone quite some chemical process such as bleaching, hair colouring and so on, that has somewhat stripped my hair's natural moisture levels, leaving behind a dull, frizzy, brittle mess. This conditioner works gently to repair, regenerate and protect my hair from future damage – keeping it healthy and soft to touch.

This hair conditioner contains the combined power of Honey and Aloe Vera, as well as Hydrolyzed Keratin and Panthenol…

My hair feels much easy-to-manage, easy to comb and soft.

Nünature Avocado Intensive Quenching Hair Masque -  I use this masque twice a week to rejuvenate and hydrate my dry, dehydrated hair.

The Benefits of the Nünature Avocado Intensive Quenching Hair Masque is that it instantly infuses moisture into every strand of your hair.

I like that it is pretty light in texture but this hair masque actually gives my hair a nice infusement of all things good… to make my hair more healthy and strong..with avocado, honey and yogurt essentials.

It containing the Indian Kino Tree extract, Avocado, Honey and Yogurt Essences, Olive Oil, Silk Amino Acid, Vitamin E, Hydrolyzed Soy Protein and Keratin for completely hydrated hair with a healthy glow.

After a couple of week use, I find that my hair is much more manageable, and the volume of hair drop is much lesser as there are not so many hair on my comb or brush like it used to alarm me about… and yes, I am so gonna get more of this in time to come…

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  1. The first thing I noticed is its beautiful packaging. These products are very timely since I am having hair loss lately. Will surely check these out in stores.

  2. Suka packaging dia yg cantik dan nampak moden..bagus sekarang banyak product yg back to nature...itu yg sebaiknya untuk kesihatan rambut kan kak?

  3. I didn't know the product was launched in 2015 sighhh.. I left to Sweden in 2016 not knowing of it's existence!!! I just bought the Anti Hair Fall & could see it working just after the first wash :-) Wonderful scent too.


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