Jan 19, 2018

MesaHotel and MesaHill Premier To Open at MesaHill in Nilai

So yours truly was over at Mesamall in Nilai early yesterday morning along with several notable VIPs including YB Datuk Sri Ong Ka Chuan, second Minister of International Trade to witness the signing ceremony between Green Target Group and Best Western here at Mesamall, Nilai’s very first premium lifestyle shopping mall.

MesaHotel and MesaHill Premier, which are the latest additions to the MesaHill integrated development will add value to the success of Phase 1 and Phase 2 of the MesaHill development that mostly comprised the completion and opening of MesaMall as well as the MesaHIll residential towers, which had been fully sold out in 2017. 

Building upon the success of previous components - phase 1,2, 3 and MesaMall, the introduction of MesaHill Premier and MesaHotel will continue to solidify MesaHill as a robust integrated development....

This is the Type A apartments...slightly small at about380 sq ft but ideal for a student or couples that just got married or BFFs who work and stay together.....

MesaHill is pretty strategically situated, if you think about it since its location enables it to support and cater to the various industries that exist in the area which also includes the airport & airlines nearby, educational institutions and local commerce. 

Datuk Tan Hong Lai, Managing Director and CEO of the Green Target Group attested that, “We are synergizing brand value by forging ahead with the expansion of MesaHill as planned with the hope to strengthen the market position of the Nilai township”. This ambition is integral to Datuk Tan’s vision to elevate the Nilai landscape as a whole and boost the tourism industry of the surrounding area. 

The signing ceremony between Green Target and Best Western will also announce plans to launch Nilai’s very first international hotel strategically situated within an integrated development.

This is the Type B apartments...bigger then the Type A at about 554 sq ft, and perfect for small families.....

For more information on the MesaHill Hotel and MesaHill Premier, please contact the Green Target Group at 03-5630 0670 or email vincent@greentarget.com.my 
You can also find out more via www.greentarget.com.my


  1. Menarik.. Ada mall, ada hotel.. Rekaan bangunan pun cantik sangat..😍

  2. New place in town. I would love to check this place out.

  3. Wah menariknya. Ada mall dan hotel. Mesti jadi tumpuan pelancong nanti

  4. Nice apartment. But I personally think that 500 and 300 square feet is kind of too small. Apartments nowadays are getting smaller but being compensated with great facilities.

  5. fuh.. baru nak tengok MesaHIll residential towers tu , rupa-rupanya dah sold out dari 2017 lagi.. memang berebut-rebut orang nak dapatkan resident yang selesa ni ye


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