Jan 13, 2018

Shapee Shaping Tights and Long Arm Shaper

We all want to be able to look great and when we look great, we feel more confident and happy with ourselves... Well, over the past few weeks, I have finally lost a bit of weight... and it is all because of  Shapee shapewear as well as well.. watching my diet..

Shapee shapewear are actually essential wardrobe basics every woman should own... let me tell you why... Shapee shapewear actually helps to sculpt and make our body get more slender... It is made by nylon & spandex, with Japan’s special 3D weaving techniques to enable our body to achieve optimal results.

 Shapee shapewear retains heat and creates a 3D micro massage effect on the body which in turn reduces cellulite and increase metabolism rate when you wear it with the material’s elasticity & 3D weaving technique and our body's natural movements... 

You will find it very comfortable to wear... since Shapee shapewear does not have any built in wires which makes it super comfortable for long hours of wearing. You can actually wear it to sleep because it is not like all those other uncomfortable shapers with stiff boning, metal or hard plastic that are uncomfortable or painful for long hours wearing...  

I got myself two products from Shapee... which was the Shaping Tights and the Long Arm Shaper..

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Shaping Tights – RM30
The Shaping Tights are a pair of fabulous and versatile shaping tights that shapes me up from  the tip of my toes with graduated compression... 

...made with comfortable lightweight fabric, it manages  provides a medium level of control... the soft and super comfy fabric offers full leg coverage for a flawless leg look and it definitely adds a fashionable flair to shorts, skirts and dresses... it is ideal for me as a Muslim as well when I decide to wear shorts or shorter skirts as it also covers my bare skin...

Long Arm Shaper – RM55
The Long Arm Shaper effortlessly trims and shapes my arms while still providing an extremely comfortable fit... It is also a great, elegant and chic way to shape, trim, and firm my flabby arms.. and it has the ability to slowly reduces all those unwanted upper arm flab while providing a smoothing and compressive effect...

  I love the textured and stretchable material which also comes with a cut out for my thumbs... and it is surprisingly not too uncomfortable to wear in our humid weather and is actually so convenient when we are in air conditioned areas like in the MRT , LRT or cinemas...

Overall, I have to say I love the effect and well, with the combination of Shapee Shapewear as well as a balance diet and exercise, I have slimmed down from before...


  1. aww! this is super good! How I wish they got this in extra extra largeeee size :(

  2. I would prefer something like this. The one that is comfortable to wear and has no wire in it. And I also love how stretchy it is.

  3. i would definitely need something like this. it could help us in maintaining our body shape.

  4. Whoahhh amazing ! Tapi nampak macam panas je bila pakai. But if it helps in maintaining and losing weights, why not right ? Hihi

  5. Menarik...harga pun sangat reasonable..i would prefer something like this too..to wear with pencil skirt...

  6. Wow menarik! Ingatkan mahal tapi rupanya harganya affordable. Berapa lama pakai untuk nampak hasilnya?

  7. This looks very interesting Miera. I think I could wear this to the gym too right?

  8. Looks so comfort. Should i get one for me


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