Jan 13, 2018

Go for greatness with milk on-the-go

Yours truly was over at 1Utama to check out the launch of the new Fernleaf ready-to-drink UHT milk... 

In line with the launch, Fernleft is encouraging Malaysians to GO FOR GREATNESS, supported by a can-do attitude and 100% milk from New Zealand for the new year...

Greatness after all comes in various small and big ways in people's lives, whether it is getting to work on time, carrying your child or some grocery shopping bags, exercising and carrying a school bag, everyone does a little bit of greatness in their own ways, and what we need is some additional mental and physical push in the form of energy and positivity to get through the day!

With 100% milk goodness on-the-go, Fernleaf hopes to be the push for Malaysians to pursue greatness in life, starting from greatness in our everyday life, especially when they are at work or having fun with friends and family, since it is now conveniently available in all-new convenient UHT packaging, and just perfect for the whole family. Packed with important nutrients like protein, vitamins A and D, and calcium, it helps Malaysians get a boost of nutrition and energy whenever they are and always be ready for their greatness goals. 

The launch and  promotional area which was at the LG OVAL at 1 Utama Shopping Centre featured wall-climbing and high rope challenge course as well as other activities. Yours truly a couple of blogger buddies took the challenge and did it successfully with out limbs intact.. hehehe

So what are you waiting for.. go and get the Fernleaf UHT milk for yourself and your family to enjoy the dairy goodness from New Zealand keep you 100% ready to go for greatness! It is retailing at hypermarkets, supermarkets and stores nationwide at RM5.70 in a set of four packs (200ml each pack) and RM6.60 for every 1-litre pack.

The Fernleaf UHT milk.comes in 3 delicious variants which are Full Cream, Low Fat and Chocolate... and I love them all....

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