Jul 24, 2019


Ryo, the leading shampoo brand in South Korea and also a multi-award winning shampoo brand recently launched their latest products in the Hair Loss Care Series which consist of the Scalp Deep Cleansing Scaler EX and the Ryo Hair Loss Care Essence... 

These two products when used together with Ryo’s Hair Loss Care shampoo and treatment, are effective in combating hair loss.

And personally, I am so excited about it, being a fan of Ryo's Hair Loss Care shampoo and treatment which I bought before when I was in Seoul...

Ryo’s Chief Hair Designer, Jeong Seok explains that healthy hair starts with a healthy scalp and that scalp care is definitely essential in ensuring that hair stays healthy and thereby preventing hair loss...  

“Ryo believes that achieving a harmonious balance between the ‘Yul (hair)-Ryo (scalp)’ is important in achieving healthy lustrous hair but any hair issues must first be addressed from the scalp. Therefore, Ryo’s treatment remains focused on the scalp,” said Jeong Seok. 

Ryo Scalp Deep Cleansing Scaler EX (145ml) is priced at RM59.90 ..  

It is first step towards combating hair loss.. Scalp scaling is the only way to deep cleanse your scalp on a regular basis... 

Therefore, Ryo’s Scalp Deep Cleansing Scaler EX is introduced as the first step in haircare to help women maintain a healthy scalp.. Fortified with botanical ingredients, the deep cleansing scaler works in multiple ways which include: 
1. Getting rid of dead skin cells using BHA-derived ingredients 
2. Cleansing excessive sebum using naturally derived surfactant in the formula 
3. Soothing the scalp using the extract of the chestnut’s inner skin and cooling the scalp using naturally derived peppermint oil. This function offers relief to the scalp especially during the hot and humid weather 
4. Strengthening and nourishing the hair from root to tip using highly concentrated ginseng extract (GinsenEX) 

The Scalp Deep Cleansing Scaler EX offers mild cleansing with PH5.5 and its free from 7 ingredients. It works like a booster and it is to be used twice a week on damp hair before shampooing.

Apply along scalp texture about 5-6 times and gently massage all over scalp for 1-2 minutes before rinsing.

Then only do you use your Ryo Hair Loss Care Shampoo and Treatment.... 

Ryo Hair Loss Care Essence (75ml) is priced at RM74.90...

This is effective scalp treatment offers hair root nourishment incorporating an exclusive Amorepacific technology that extracts 20 times more fortified active Korean Ginseng extract without the heat treatment so that the ingredient is able to deliver to its full efficacy. The ginseng contained in this product is also carefully selected to ensure it contains the highest saponin content....  

Ryo’s Hair Loss Care range is the essence of a 46-year scalp study that uses highly concentrated ginseng saponins as an active ingredient in its formulation. Combined with a patented technology known as GinsenEX, follicular cells are further strengthened resulting in healthier roots. 

In the product formulation, one will also find licorice which is used to help manage the hair growth cycle while green tea and ginger are used to help protect follicular cells from stress and also adds to strengthening the roots. 

To sum it all, there are five reasons why the Hair Loss Care Essense is an effective treatment: 
1. GinsengEX that produces highly concentrated ginsenocide 
2. Advanced patented extraction technology that preserves the full benefits of ginseng 
3. Careful selection of ginseng with the highest level of saponins 
4. Herbal Complex formulation with the combination of other natural ingredients such as green tea, licorice and ginger 
5. Five-free formula – free from animal ingredients, synthetic colourants, mineral oil, Triethanolamine and Polyacrylamide. 

For best results, use the Hair Loss Care Essence twice daily after shampooing and treatment. Apply directly onto dry scalp and especially on hair loss or problem areas then use your fingertips and give your scalp a good massage. 

Both the Scalp Deep Cleansing Scaler EX and the Ryo Hair Loss Care Essence will be available at all Watsons stores and Hermo starting July 2019.. So go get it now 


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