Jul 28, 2016

Beauty review: Kji & Co Lip Staysss Dolly Blush

I was given a chance to review the Kji & Co Lip Staysss lip balm and I was delighted. Thinking to go for a hint of colour I got the  Dolly Blush one which was suppose to be the one in between Baby Pink and Seductress... 

The lip balm came in a very floral packaging.. very girly which I took a photo of and discarded, after I put the lip balm into my make up bag but somehow I accidently deleted that photos too... huhuhu... my apologies....

A lip balm is very important to me as my lips tend to chap whenever the weather gets too hot or cold... and everyone knows licking your lips does not make it better but actually worse, so a lip balm is definitely a must in my make up bag.

So, the Kji & Co Lip Staysss is a semi-permanent lip balm made from natural hydrating & moisturizing essences, lip plumping conditioners and gentle yet rich color to give you smooth, soft and inviting lips. It is said to be able to condition and help heal dry, cracked, dull lips to promote healthy, attractive lips.

Lip Staysss is quite easy to apply as the buttery light formula will glide easily over our lips. 

My lips before I apply the Lip Staysss 

My thoughts: My lips after I apply the Lip Staysss in Dolly Blush.. I only did not like that the hint of colour was simply too sheer. I would have liked some colour on my lips....

But never mind, I can use this below my two toned lip stick or at night... another thing I did not like is that the lip balm is a bit to soft and needed to be gently applied or it will kinda run... See above picture bottom left side...

I like that it is not too oily or waxy, like some other lip balm feels like.... And another plus point I have to point out is that Lip Staysss does not bleed, feather or rub off; it claims to last up to 4 HOURS and it actually does... I have no complains on that as even after having a meal, my lips still feel moist and protected. Probably because it is made in Japan... hehehe....

Thanks to Kji & Co for this opportunity... The Kji & Co Lip Staysss Lip Balm retails at RM26.80


  1. Your lips look more moist after applying Kji & Co Lip Staysss Lip Balm. I don't like any oily or sticky lip balm too. I think this product looks not bad..

  2. I don't like sheer look for lip balm. I like moist one and if have a bit color is better.

  3. I would have preferred one with colour as well. This one looks as if you didn't apply anything at all.

  4. I like this lip balm very much!!very moisture!!

  5. If comes in color will be nicer lar but looks they have really good moisture texture! I would love to give this a try =D

  6. I always need lip gloss, but I usually wear something with colour cos if not I will have to wear lip stick.

  7. Love the colour of these lip balms, looks natural. Would like to have a try.


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