Jul 14, 2016

Beauty Review: SKINFOOD Black Sugar Deep Cleansing Cream

As most of my readers and those who know me well, I am just soooo in love with Korean Cosmetics... Don't ask me how or why but with millions of other K- beauty fans.. Korean Beauty products seem to work well for me and my Asian skin... and I guess everyone knows Koreans put a lot of importance in their beauty industry....

So when I got a package with the SKINFOOD Black Sugar Deep Cleansing Cream, I was delighted...

The  SKINFOOD Black Sugar Deep Cleansing Cream is a cleansing cream for removing makeup. 

The mineral-rich Brazilian black sugar in the cleansing cream is said to leave your skin moist after washing and gently removes the dense makeup. 

As per the jar's instruction, all you have to do is just apply some of it all over your face. Gently massage it until the makeup dissolves into the cream, remove with a tissue or tepid water

The cream is a beige/light yellow color and a somewhat slightly citrus sugary scent I think all of the SKINFOOD Black Sugar range has...

To test out the effectiveness of the SKINFOOD Black Sugar Deep Cleansing Cream ... I drew a picture of a cat using a very strong non-smudge eyeliner (a favorite of mine) and a heart using a favorite lipstick of mine.....

Then I scooped up a little bit of the SKINFOOD Black Sugar Deep Cleansing Cream ...

.. and well, gently massage/rub it over the drawings I made using the eyeliner and the lipstick.... I am surprised to find that the lipstick came off immediately and the eyeliner with a few extra rubs came off nicely as well....

Once the make up is off, you can just clean off the residues with a tissue paper or rinse off.....

See, it does work well.... and I really think I like this product! My skin is left moisturized after cleaning...!

Thoughts:  I have to still use a cleanser to wash my face after using this not because it does not clean well, but well, because I am just so used to cleansing my face everytime.....However it is  my own personal preference. You might feel that this product cleans your skin well enough...

And yes, this comes in recommended for people who are looking for something that gently removes your makeup.

The SKINFOOD Black Sugar Deep Cleansing Cream is great for removing normal makeup like sun block, BB cream, foundation, eye shadows, lipstick and yes even the smudge proof makeup and seen in my little 'experiment' above....

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  1. wowwww this black sugar macam so best!!nak try!

  2. I love korean skincare too! Their products are really very moistful and mild. And I love Lee Jong Suk!!!! HAhahaha~

  3. OMG! your drawing of that cat face had me going "aww" the whole time :D Though regarding to the product, i think i'd give it a try.

  4. I agree with you so much, Korean products works wonders, especially because they care about their appearance not only face, but body as well. This product seems good, I'd love to give it a try since now I'm just using a make-up/cleanser from Biore. Hehe~ Cheers!

  5. Love SKINFOOD Black Sugar Deep Cleansing Cream too. Actually I love all SKINFOOD products indeed hahaha

  6. I plan to buy something similar for my cleansing routine, this seems like a good suggestion :)

  7. Me too!! I love korean skin products too! Hehehhe one more item is now in my bucket list... ^^

  8. my friend said that Skin Food is good (he's chemist). Through the experiment, i think we can concur the same. would love to check it out!

  9. Oh wow, quite good leh! Even can remove make up! Would like to try out this!

  10. The quality of the products that you use to remove your make-up is really crucial because it influences the state of your skin a lot.


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