Jul 24, 2016

Being Nude and Beautiful....

Let's get nude and beautiful...

Oh gosh... that title does really sound like something else......hahahh

As a woman, it is always important to upkeep yourself so that you will continually look attractive. I may be a mother of three and a wife, and yes, juggling everything can be draining and time consuming, so much so sometimes, we let ourselves go. 

There are women who after being married for a few years let themselves go, they no longer care about how they look, insisting that their family and job comes first. 

This is a big NO - NO!!! I do not deny that as time goes by, as women, we age, we have babies, things droop, other things grow or stretch.. it is the natural progression of life but, we have to put in more effort to try to balance it up, it is important to keep yourself in shape as much as you can, and well, do not be a slob, but also take time to dress up and make up.....

My mother in law is one such woman who looks just fabulous even at 70 (over) years old... and she constantly remind me not to let myself go.

Admittedly, there are times I am just soooo lazy and exhausted, and tend to just run around in a comfy baggy t shirt and cotton pants...and bare naked face. But I make it up for it by getting primped up and putting make up on at other times..., and experimenting with whatever make up and makeover I can to update my looks and make myself look attractive...

I was invited to the Watsons X Physicians Formula event to find out more about the new Nude Glam Shimmer Strips they recently introduced in Malaysia... 

 Physicians Formula is ideal for working adults seeking for healthy yet glamorous makeup with the latest, most innovative, class-to-mass products designed even for the most sensitive skin, in fun and exciting forms. 

Physicians Formula changed the face of cosmetics by being a pioneer in makeup formulations that are:

  •  Hypoallergenic
  •  Dermatologist Tested
  •  Developed for Sensitive Skin
  •  Safe for sensitive eyes & contact lens wearers
  •  Created without any of the 132+ known harsh ingredients found in makeup

Physicians Formula prides itself as a beauty solution that always keep health and glamour in the forefront. 

Nude Makeup is said to be the new in thing, who does not like nude make up right.. with nude make up, you can appear pretty with natural shades, and not over do it with colours.. Shimmer Strips is a go-to makeup bag essential that works with all wardrobe styles and trends. 

Packed with the trendiest nude shades in easy-to-use, coordinated trios it captures an essential “fashion moment”. Create a custom nude look for your face and make your eyes POP with shimmery nudes. 

Nude makeup has never been so glamorous and ideal for women of all ages including yours truly here....! 

Shimmer Strips All-in-1 Custom Nude Palette for Face & Eyes RM69.85
Shimmer Strips All-in-1 Custom Nude Palette for Face & Eyes is a multi-functional face-and-eye palette featuring 12 perfectly coordinated nude hues that can be used individually as eyeshadows and liners or blended together as a bronzer, blush or highlighter. This palette features pure pigment, flawless blending and a micro-pearlescent formula in an assortment of ultra-chic nude shades for the perfect Nude look.

Custom All-in-1 Glamour as each shade in this multi-tasking palette can be worn individually or blended together for the perfect custom Nude look.
  •  Flawless blending, pure color, micro-smooth pearlescent formula in a range of nude hues that make skin glow. Each shade can be used dry for sheer radiance or wet for more intense, dramatic color with long-lasting wear.
  •  Each palette features a how-to “Nude Glam Guide” inside the compact with step-by-step instructions on how to create the complete nude look.
  • Housed in a metallic lace compact, with coordinating satin ribbon and bow for an ultra-feminine, lingerie feel, each palette includes two custom applicators:

1. An all-over face applicator
2. A targeted shadow/liner applicator

With 12 radiant nude shades in one multi-tasking palette and it also includes a How-To-Guide, mirror and applicators, this is a must-have nude essentials in your make up box that can help you create a custom nude look for face and eyes! 

Shimmer Strips Custom Eye Enhancing Makeup Shadow & Liner Nude Collection
(Available in Classic Nude & Warm Nude) RM63.50

I am in love with these Shimmer Strips Custom Eye Enhancing Shadow & Liner!!! These Nude Looks Collection features modern nude eye shadow shades in perfectly coordinated palettes for a nearly naked, but modern, sophisticated look. The palette features a custom design that is draped in lace. This sexy and fabulous palette is the perfect assortment for a new twist on everyday classic, wearable shades and enhances ANY eye color!

This sophisticated and versatile palette includes makeup artist selected nine nude shades coordinated perfectly into 3 trios for nude looks from day to night—natural to dramatic! You will love this high performance formula that glides on with a silky, lasting texture that can be used wet or dry for the ultimate in radiant glamour. The unique wet/dry formula offers silky, blendable shades to color, highlight, contour and line the eyes for illuminating high impact. Use WET for more dramatic, intense color with long-lasting wear or use DRY for a softer result. Transforms shadow into liner when wet. Super awesome right?? I know I love it!!!!

9 Perfect Shades for Endless Possibilities!
  •  3 Trios = 3 Looks: Natural, Playful & Dramatic
  • Wet & Dry = 2 Finishes for Soft or High Impact Color
  •  Shadows & Liners = Customized Glamour

Includes: Angled Pro-Brush Applicator

We were treated to famous make up artist/ lifestyle beauty advisor Jil Yong who showed us how to used the range in different ways and styles... 

Beauty and lifestyle blogger friends at the event, paying attention to Jil's make up lessons and also trying their hands on the ample make up testers scattered on the table....

 You seriously have to get one of these.... Physicians Formula is now available exclusively at selected Watsons Malaysia outlets. The price ranges from RM39 – RM82. 


  1. All the shades looks so pretty dear!! I love nude colors but would love to try different colors out too =D

  2. I like the nude colour because not too exaggerate for me ..haha.

  3. I also love Physicians - bought some when I went to Sydney some time ago and has been using it to make up my sisters

  4. Looks you guys had a lot of fun trying those cosmetic. I so gonna try the Shimmer Strips All-in-1 Custom Nude Palette for Face & Eyes. =D

  5. I love nude shades of makeup...So natural and yet so glamorous.

  6. Very well detailed ;) The Shimmer Strips Custom Eye Enhancing Shadow & Liner is my favorite. I think i'd go for that one ;)

  7. I love the color shades, my favorite, will check it out :)

  8. That bronzer is attractive, I've been eyeing on it. Love physician formula! I only wish if they make their newest product available here in MY like USA😤

    do drop by... GreenStory

  9. i like the colour so much...will definitely check them out..


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