Jul 18, 2016

Let It Be, A Celebration of the Music of The Beatles

So yours truly here was over at the Let It Be, A Celebration of the Music of The Beatles which had been organized by AC Music Entertainment, held at the Plenary Hall of the KL Convention Centre over the weekend...

Being born in the 1970s, I grew up on some of the Beatles songs too, since my mom was apparently a fan, after all since The Beatles were some of the most popular band back then. However, most of us have never got to see the legendary “The Beatles performing LIVE. 

This show was really a rare opportunity for The Beatles fans to relive the past from Ed Sullivan to Abbey Road.

It was very much like taking a step back in time and seeing how life and concerts were back then in our parents time....especially when the Let It Be performers were clad in monochrome attires for the first few songs from D SULLIVAN which included 'Standing There', 'She Loves You', 'Wanna Hold Your Hand', 'All My Lovin' and 'Yesterday'....

 Then the band went for a quick costume change before breaking into songs from SHEA which included 'Help', 'I Feel Fine'.... and got the audiences up on their feet with the song 'Twist and Shout' and then...'Day Tripper'....

 The band then returned after a 'short commercial' break in colourful French inspired attires including a tricorn hat . 

They began their SGT. PEPPER segment which included songs like 'Sgt. Pepper', 'Friends', 'Penny Lane', 'Strawberry Fields', 'When I’m 64', 'Reprise' and 'Day In The Life'... followed by their  ABBEY segment... with 'Come Together', 'Get Back', 'Revolution' and 'The End' before taking a 20 minute interval break...

You have to love the two 'television screen' at the side of the stage screening retro videos, advertisements and footages from the 1960s, sending giggles through the audiences as well at the silliness or funniness of some advertisements back then...

The band return on stage for the REUNION  with 'Because', 'Got To Get You Back Into My Life', 'Good Morning', 'What Is Life', 'It Don’t Come Easy',  'Band On The Run', 'Watch The Wheels', 'My Sweet Lord',  'Black Bird', 'Two Of Us' and  'Here Comes The Sun'...

 The 'Let It Be' band was definitely interactive and coaxed the crowd up on their feet and grooving to the music and it was pretty entertaining  watching both the young and the much older crowd getting moving and grooving to the tunes....

 Imagine was definitely one of my all time favorite songs, and this almost brought tears to my eyes....

Then they continued with  'Rock and Roll Music',  'Long Tall Sally' , 'Roll Over Beethoven' , the James Bond theme : 'Live or Let Die' and 'Guitar Gently Weeps'.... 

This show has brought many of us down memory lane and showed the younger crowd how it was back then in the 60s and 70s.....

And of course, they came back on stage with memorable encore songs such as 'Born in the USSR', 'Let It Be' and ended on a high note with most of the crowd in front of the hall with 'Hey Jude' and a surprise shower of confetti....

“LET IT BE” was brought down to Malaysia by AC Music Entertainment .... 

to know more, do check out:

Thank you for having me over......although to be honest I only heard 1/2 of the songs here but nevertheless I had an amazing and eye opening fun time.....


  1. Actually I wanted to go for this concert but I had a family dinner on that day so got to give it a miss.

  2. nostalgic indeed! How i wish i could attend the event last weekend as i love all the music from that era despite being born in the 90s

  3. Omg the Beatles! Seriously regretful that I wasn't able to attend

  4. Very retro feel about this event and the atmosphere looks very charged! Good that you attended it.

  5. they seriously look like the real beatles it's like go back in time!

  6. Wow.. I am sure this would have been a wonderful event and watching live rocking performance is so happening.

  7. too bad i can't attend this concert!!!

  8. Nice picture. Was suppose to attend but can't make it.

  9. How I wish I can attend Beatles concert. I love their song so much.

  10. Looks so much fun! Imagine is one of my fav song too :)

  11. I bet you were on your feet, dancing to the songs and all right? I would if I was there too!

  12. Nice concert . Surely will enjoy this concert if I attend! heheh


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