Jul 22, 2016

Movie review : Rudy Habibie (Habibie & Ainun 2)

Rudy Habibie is a 2016 Indonesian drama film directed by Hanung Bramantyo. It is a prequel of Habibie & Ainun and loosely tells the story of the 3rd President of Indonesia, B J Habibie. 

I did not think much of it before I went for the review but when I stepped out of the cinema 2 and a half hours later, I was a fan!!

Rudy is the son of Habibie and his wife Ainun( whose story you can watch in Habibie & Ainun) and a genius / visionary... Since young he was a great fan of studying as well as as aeroplanes...even when fleeing for their lives from Japanese invasion/ bombing of their village, he had to turn back home to get his books and his plane model.

He grew up with two purpose on his mind... how to be a good man as clean as the spring water as per his late father's advice and how to build a plane....

Years later, he has grown up to be a fine young man studying in RWTH in Aachen, Germany, despite the hardships his family had to undergo since his father passed away.... and it is here he learns how to make friends and love...


Ayu is a Solo princess and Rudy's classmate also from Indonesia and she considers herself in love with Rudy who somehow got himself involved with a pretty Polish girl, Ilona...

He will eventually have to decide between loving Ilona or loving his country more... 

The movie is based on the book "Rudy: Kisah Masa Muda Sang Visioner" by Gina S. Noer (loosely translated as "Rudy : Story of The Young Visionary" - probably not the best translation but well, I am not a translator right... hahaha). 

I like how this story highlights the importance of friendship, and family, and of how hard, and tough life can be. The movie also highlights patriotism and culture differences as well as sacrifices and holding fast to what you strongly believe in.....

You will be moved to tears in some scenes and yes, my blogger friends were seen crying...LOL

It will be in the cinemas from August 4th so be sure to catch it.....


  1. nice movie should visit cinema 4th August

  2. thanks for sharing the information, will go to watch this

  3. Didn't heard of this movie is screening in Msia until you shared it! Thanks! Will check it out if I have time :D

  4. Never heard of this movie... But looks like it's a good one..

  5. I realised I have never watched an Indonesian movie before. From your review, this will be my first one!

  6. Was it really that good to makes you becoming a fan??! Never thought of Indonesia movie before, but you just got my attention over this movie!!

    1. yes.. it is really very moving and it is based on the real story of the 3rd President of Indonesia BJ Habibie...

  7. So touching, I guess if I watch I will cry too. I am very emotional.

  8. Handsome!!! Hheheheh I think I have not watched any other indonesian movie besides "ada apa dengan cinta"

  9. Rudy is not the son of habibie & ainun. He is Habibie in the film Habibie & Ainun. "Rudy" is his childhood name. This is the prequel of the first movie and it's actually moves backwards.

    I've watched the movie.. and yes, it's great!! planning to watch it again in KL soon ;)

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