Jul 11, 2016

Innergie LifeHub Plus - something everyone needs...

With the current gadgets trend, it is not surprising that practically everyone has more then one gadget... an average person will have two or three gadgets with them... a smart phone and a tablet, or even two smart phones and an iPad or like me, two smart phones...
And one of the most frustrating feeling would be when you find your gadgets  running out of power after usage, mine would be because I am guilty of watching too much iFlix, and it usually means having to the charger to charge it up again. 

I was delighted to get a chance to try out the Innergie LifeHub Plus...Innergie is a brand by Delta which has launched its new LifeHub. 

This is a mobile USB power hub that gives you the freedom to charge your devices anytime and anywhere you want in your home. This should mean you do not have to sit near the electrical power point when you are waiting for a message or a phone call while charging your phone....

What will you get in the box: When you open it, you will immediately see the LifeHub Plus USB Power Hub which is tear shaped nestled on top... 
Then further inside, you will find a Power Adapter as well as the 3 metre long AC Input Cable and a multi language user manual...
There is a smart chip inside the LifeHub Plus that helps it automatically detect the power requirements of an attached device so the optimal voltage/current output is provided.

 The LifeHub Plus can charge even the Apple’s iPad Air as well as other devices with the three 2.4A USB ports. These high-output ports is ideal for handling charging of multiple smartphones, tablets, portable game consoles, and virtually any other mobile device with USB at once.

With the LifeHub Plus, you can now charge your own devices all at once, or give a power boost to your friends’and family’s devices, something that came in handy when I had my small open house for neighbours, family members and close friends recently. You will know when you  are connected as the smart LED indicator light in the middle of the tear drop shaped cradle will light up. 

Your PC will charge items with as little as .5amps of power, most power socket devices can charge at 1amp of power the LifeHub Plus charges at up to 2.4amps so a lot quicker to charge your devices.

All the Life Hubs three ports can be populated with a range of Tablets, Smartphones or other Mobile devices without affecting the charging ability.

 You might want to keep the cradle at hand and be a bit careful of the three metres of cable which could get tangled up .

All Innergie products, like all products manufactured by Delta, are covered by product liability insurance with a USD1 million limit, providing even greater peace of mind when in use.
I have to admit that yes, it might seem on the expensive side, since many of us Malaysians are cheapskates (oops sorry... I am sometimes guilty too...) and like cheap and counterfeit stuff, and will probably ask why should I fork out about RM200 for this gadget when I can get something similar for just about RM50 or so... but look at it as convenience as well as safety for our devices and also our family and selves.... if you are not using the designated charger, there is a danger of your phone  or worse, your house getting burned down or even you getting electrocuted or injured if you choose to save money and buy undesignated, cheap and counterfeit chargers...
Paying a few extra ringgits for a certified, brand name charger that meets National or International Safety Standards not only makes sense in the long run, but can also save you and your family's lives...

When you are using the Innergie LifeHub Plus, it comes with Innergie’s InnerShield™ Protection Technology, so that all of your devices are protected from over-current, over-voltage, over-temperature, and short-circuiting, giving you stable power and peace of mind. 
One more reason why you should consider the Innergie LifeHub Plus is because it has extremely high power efficiency,so you can reduce your energy costs and reduce your carbon footprints!!!

For more info, check out :

And well.. 
Do stay tuned for Innergie's arrival to Malaysia soon!


  1. Looks like it is a cool appliances. time to get one

  2. nice , i need this, always not enough charger for all the gadgets

  3. what i love about this product is its size which is very good for traveling. its not too big and not too small. good for traveling tools

  4. As a product designer..I am super loving their tear drop design..minimalism at its best...^^

  5. this look good and easy to use. shall let dear see this as we dont have one.

  6. Miera! this is cool for traveling. I want this too!

  7. great appliances ! it is easy for traveller ^^

  8. so convenient. wanna get one for myself and my family too!!! thanks for the recommendation yo.

  9. This is so convenient and handy too. My power bank is already getting heavier and heavier, if that is possible!

  10. i'm using it too! and I'm super loving it.. it charges super fast weh

  11. wow!!!Cool gadget!!!I wish I have one!!!

  12. Seriously this gadget is like a life saver for everyone. We need gadgets like this to bring oversea and travel, super convenient =D

  13. Innergie Lifehub Plus device is best for traveler or a busy person. It charges multiple device at a time in a less time. USB Charging Hub is the way by which we can charge multiple device at a time.


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