Jul 1, 2016

Iftar Angkasawan 2016

So yours truly was one of the lucky ones who was invited to Langkawi to attend the Iftar Angkasawan 2016 held this year by MK Land and  Ombak Villa by Langkawi Lagoon Resort  together with Angkasawan Innovation Sdn Bhd buka puasa CSR at the gorgeous Ombak Villa by Langkawi Lagoon Resort. 

The event was held at the Dewan Kenchana just right across where our rooms were situated. The hall was of course, gaily decorated with fairy lights twinkling, festive decor and neat banquet tables...

I could not resist taking pictures of this and that.. as you would know if you read my blog, and so these flowers come from the VIP table.....

But before I go much further, I have to apologise for some of the photo quality... my camera is not that great for taking photos with movements or in dim places .. I really wish for a better camera, but this is what I have and can afford for now.. huhuhu....

And there were these oh so adorable Disney storybooks which were gifts for the special kids and less privileged kids.....it is all the translated version.... in Bahasa Malaysia so the kids can read it easier...

At about 6 pm, the hall began to fill with the arrival of the special kids from Pusat Dalam Komuniti (PDK) , as well as students from the Program Kemasyarakatan (SK Ulu Melaka and SK Padang Matsirat) as well as other members of the media and invited guests...there was merriment in the air . 

Shortly a few minutes later, the very important people arrived... they were none other then Yg Berusaha Pn Hjh Felina Tan Sri Datuk (Dr) Hj Mustapha Kamal, the acting Chairman and Executive Director of MK Land Holdings Berhad) and her spouse, Tuan Megat Azhar Bin Hussein; Tan Sri Datuk (Dr) Hj Mustapha Kamal Bin Haji Abu Bakar (main Founder of MK Land Holdings Berhad) and his spouse, Puan Sri Datin Hjh Wan Nong Binti Hj Wan Ibrahim; and of course, YBhg Dato Dr Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor Al Masrie (Malaysia's First Astronaut)

The event continued with a Doa Recital before Dato Dr Sheikh Muszaphar shared his video "Reaching to Stars" with the special kids and the students from Program Kemasyarakatan (Community Program- SK Ulu Melaka and SK Padang Matsirat) with the hope of inspiring them to do the same. 

He certainly got rapt attention from the students and guests present as they hung on to his every word and paid attention to his sharing on how he bathed, prayed, had breakfast and did his experiments while in outer space...Naturally, there were plenty of giggles as they watched Dato Dr Sheikh Muszaphar's breakfast floating away in the place with no gravity...

Dato Dr Sheikh Muszaphar also stressed on the importance of passing the exams with good grades and learning to speak English...

This was then followed by the Duit Raya Session and Gift session with Tan Sri Datuk (Dr.) Hj Mustapha Kamal and Dato Dr Sheikh Muszaphar...

As well as a photo opportunity for the media..

Both corporate figures were very attentive and also obliging when the children decided they wanted autographs as well as photos and selfies...

When asked about their CSR program, Tan Sri Datuk (Dr) Hj Mustapha Kamal said that it was a yearly program for the kids and that MK Land was sponsoring most of these children's tuition in the hope of getting these kids to grow to be successful individuals so that they can be independent and that was why Tan SriTan Sri Datuk (Dr) Hj Mustapha Kamal chose to collaborate this year's iftar with Dato Dr Sheikh Muszaphar since he is a self driven person and has made Malaysia proud of his achievements . It is with hope that the children can make Dato Dr Sheikh Muszaphar their role model and follow in his footsteps.. to be someone important too, someday...

The event then continued with a Maghrib prayer and dinner after the breaking of fast. Dinner was served in a domed platter but nevertheless it was delicious and fulfilling....

But what was more fulfilling was the looks on the faces of these less fortunate kids. They were happy and contented and were filled with admiration for the two very important men...Tan Sri Datuk (Dr) Hi Mustapha Kamal and Dato Dr Sheikh Muszaphar, and well, how can they not be, because personally I find these two men very inspirational as well...

And of course.... last but not least... how can I resist taking a picture with the first Malaysian in space... LOL (Jangan marah!!!)

Special thanks to MK Land, Ombak Villa by Langkawi Lagoon Resort and Angkasawan Innovation Sdn Bhd for having me over....

and pssst.... will be sharing some gorgeous pics of Ombak Villa soon over at http://livelifelah.com in the next few days....


  1. wah jauh miera iftar ngan angkasawan..syok

  2. look at thekids focusing on Dato Dr Sheikh Muszaphar's speech. i would be in awe watching him talks too.hahah.

  3. wah likes a great event. nice and memorable event too

    1. It sure is a very nice and meaningful event for the special kids...

  4. Good summary for the event! Seems like u have enjoyed yourself :)

  5. It's been years since I saw the astronaut. He is still just as dashing! Lucky you, Miera! le sigh!

  6. Interesting post ! that good to organize such events for the benefit of children. :)

  7. Dato is so handsome! and it's really important to have good English!

  8. So proud of you to got the chance to selfie with handsome Dato. Hehehe

  9. A nice event organised and invited special kids! Bravo! Glad that you have attended a meaningful event :) cheers, SiennyLovesDrawing

  10. I bumped into him almost every week in UKM hehehe. I know you must be very excited to have taken pictures with him right. Hehe

  11. This event looks so happening! It was a great event to let the kids learn more about space and he is such a handsome Dato =D

  12. bestnye k miera!! and also a meaningful event.

  13. Wah, I think I received the invitation too but I'm going Langkawi next month so decided not to go. Even though I might get to meet the first Malaysia astronaut. Haha, I will be too shy to even stand next to him for a photo!

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