Jun 30, 2016

Renaissance Kuala Lumpur hosts Buka Puasa Dinner for Orphans and Underpriviledged Children

Yours truly was over at the Renaissance Kuala Lumpur yesterday, joining in their Buka Puasa dinner for 44 children comprising of orphans. the genuinely poor kids, as well as children of single parents from the Pertubuhan Kebajikan Al-Firdausi.

The function was held at the lovely function room, R-Stage which was beautifully divided into four sections....

The first section was of course, where the special little guests were all seated....with beautiful centrepieces in the middle of each table...

The second section was a lounge area for the kids to lounge in and watch well loved Disney movies such as Frozen and Brave...

Laughter and giggles could be heard, amidst excited chatter and whispers...

The third section was transformed into a make shift optometrist clinic set up by Pott Glasses Malaysia to test the children's vision as sponsor a pair of spectacles for each child who needed one. 

Pott Glasses had been so kind as to have pledged a pair of glasses to those in need for every pair that they sold.....

Just as it was time to break fast, Adik Muhammad Alif bin Abdul Wahid recited the bacaan doa selamat and Azan 

....before the other kids began piling their dishes with the scrumptious buffet Renaissance Kuala Lumpur had prepared especially for them...

The feast consisted of Nasi Biryani, Lamb Kurma, Rendang Daging, Chicken and Beef Satay with Condiments, Bubur Lambuk and many more traditional delights including Bubur Cha Cha and Malay Kuih

Here is one of the youngest and most charming kid around...She is just in pre school. Her name is Qistina and with her adorable and beguiling looks, she had almost most of the adults wrapped around her finger.... LOL


After enjoying the scrumptious and delicious feast, the kids were then given duit raya from Mr Robert Frager in the spirit of charity and kindness....as well as a goodie bag to bring home with them 

The Buka Puasa do was organized in line with the hotel's "Spirit To Serve"program which has been the philosophy of Marriott International for over 80 years . This is to inspire hotel staff to be good corporate citizens and be proud of the company they work for as well as to give back to the community they live in....

Pertubuhan Kebajikan Al-Firdausi (PKAF) comprises of orphans, poor children, single mothers and poor families whose household income are below RM3000 a month, PKAF also runs skills training and welfare programs for its physically challenged students...

It was truly a great opportunity given to me to be able to be a part of this gathering as these are the times we learn how to be grateful of what we have and also give back to the community in helping others who are less fortunate. 

Renaissance also gave me a surprise when they suddenly brought out a cake for me and sang me the Happy Birthday song as it was my birthday... It was truly touching and I felt so moved by their kind gesture...

Thanks so much for that surprise...as well as for having me over....


  1. happy birthday. and have a enjoyable one

  2. HAppy Birthday and I must say the optician is very cute....Huhuhuhu!!! Opsss, wrong focus lah me. haha

    1. Aiyoyo... must get eyes checked also lah... this girl... hahahah

  3. Happy birthday to you, Miera. What a great time the kids had - plus I like it that there was a sponsor for eye glasses too. The yellow packet for duit raya makes him look like royalty.

  4. wah so nice! Happy Belated Birthday once again. Great Birthday you had :)

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