Jun 8, 2016

Unboxing and reviewing the vivo V3Max

I blogged about the vivo V3Max before here and now I will share my thoughts and feelings on having had the opportunity to use the vivo V3Max for a couple of weeks...

Thanks to vivo Malaysia, I was give the opportunity to have the phone for two weeks and here is what I think of it.... 

Unboxing the vivo V3Max.....

As you can see, inside the box you will find the smartphone, travel charger 5V / 1A, data cable, good quality earphone, SIM tray ejector pin and a silicon case for added protection, how cool is that....

Holding the phone....

The vivo V3Max is a sleek looking smart phone with 4GB RAM and 32GB ROM. vivo V3Max uses the Snapdragon octa core processor and it comes with a finger print sensor on the back, said to be the fastest finger print unlock, and well, on using it, I find it similar to the finger print sensor unlock the Huawei Mate 8 phone I am using… I really like it!!

The power and volume button are placed on the right side. The audio jack, secondary mic and micro SD card slot is on the top. 

You can find the dual SIM tray is on the left side and at the bottom there is primary mic, micro USB port and speaker vent.

The back cover of the phone is made of aluminium magnesium while the front display comes with Corning Gorilla Glass coating. 

One of the plus points of this phone will have to be its Dual-Charge Circuit that provides fast charging speed, boasting 2 hours of non-stop music playback in just 5 minutes of charging, perfect for busy people on the go!!! The vivo V3 Max has adopted the dual-chip controlled twin engine charging circuit, the twin-circuit is able to provide faster and more stable charging speed than a single-circuit one.

Photos and use

I like that you could take almost perfect selfies with the fingerprint on command... 

but what makes it stand out has to be the UltraHD photo which can take extremely high-quality crystal clear  pictures that when you zoom in the image even when in fast action movements...


See the pictures above and below which I took at the Little Mix concert recently... it was in dim light conditions and somehow I managed to get pretty nice pictures...

I also brought the vivo V3Max along with me on my trip to Seoul to take some pictures too... and well, here are some pictures I took....

This is taken with the normal filter

This is with the HD filter

This is with the Ultra HD filter....

Taken with the normal filter

Taken with Ultra HD filter

Taken with HD filter

I think the pictures were pretty good... You might not be able to see so much difference here on my blog as I have had to resized the pictures...  but I for one am most satisfied with the photos...

So for me, the camera quality is pretty impressive.... You also get a choice to use watermark options, gender detection, professional mode, filters to name a few.

Here is a panorama picture of the Gyeongbukgung palace in Seoul....taken via my vivo V3Max, of course...

I have one teeny complain which is that I cannot directly edit the pictures to make it brighter or clearer when taken at a wrong angle...but I guess you can download the SnapSeed app or something to do that...

And you really have to love watching your music videos or playing games on the vivo V3Max as it is an amazing experience... with the great Hi-Fi sound system vivo phones are so well known for... I know I just loved it...

And to all of you who loves pink....... I have news!! V3Max is now available in Rose Gold !! A lovely yet speedy sweetie pie that going to melt your heart.  So go ahead and go check it out now... 

And well, if you prefer a smaller palm-size display, you really have to check out the vivo V3! The phone speed remains FAST , while the size of the phone is just 0.5-inches smaller then the vivo V3Max..... So be sure to check them out!!!!!

I know I want to keep this!!!!!!  Can I , can I pls... hehehe

vivo V3Max (RRP) : RM 1399 (Gold / Rose Gold)
vivo V3 (RRP) : RM 1099


  1. wow. the rose gold like apple brand. just wish to have one for hubby bday

  2. Certainly worth a consideration with all these features. The 2 giants have to keep a close watch on this rising brand ;)

  3. The photo quality taken by the camera is really good. Like the sensor at the back for easy photo taking too

  4. did you get to keep it dear??? You looked like you were in love with it...hope you do get it though...

    1. Heheeh.. I did not get to keep it but what do you know Vivo is actually giving me one for a contest I won... LOL

  5. i like the effect of Ultra HD the most. seems like a very good phone. can understand why you want to keep it. lol!

  6. Wow! The images taken by vivo are not bad.. I will definitely intro this to my dad.. hahaha

  7. Wow ! Nice la..I wish i can get a new phone too for taking my travel photo ~ Like the big screen of the phone !

  8. Wow! Nice photo taken! Seem their camera is not bad. =)

  9. Wah, the photos are very sharp! Good phone camera!

  10. vivo V3Max looks nice woh. will consider to buy in future

  11. the phone looks so thin!!! I think should be very light!!! the camera also very nice!!!

  12. Price is reasonable and they have pink colour . I want this also. It look good.

  13. Nice photos from your Vivo V3. I want to get 1 too.

  14. The view photo from Korea and photos of Little Mix is so pretty! They took great photo in low light too! Cantik hehe =D

    1. thanks... and yes.. this Vivo definitely take gorgeous pictures

  15. ooo vivo. never tried this brand yet ,should be fun


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