Jun 13, 2016

HAIRDEPOT Loft for great and affordable hair care

I am quite a vain person, like many other women. I want to look my best at times. And I like to experiment with hair colours. I have dyed my hair a myriad of colours from blonde to rusty colour, to purple, red and even some hint of blue and back to ash blonde (my latest attempt using a brand of DIY hair dye I bought from Watsons in Seoul. I was just in love with the adorable packaging….)
 So as a result from all those experiments and colouring and all, my hair is pretty much damaged, with lots of hair fall and split ends. Sometimes the amount of hair fall is pretty shocking, so I am always on the look out for some good hair care, but some really good hair care often cost an arm and a leg…

I was then invited to check out HAIRDEPOT Loft at 1 Utama. From the moment I stepped into the store I was mesmerized by the amount of professional hair care they had and at pretty amazing affordable prices…

 There are 13 House Brands sold in HAIRDEPOT Loft, such as Midori, Hair Milk, Herbalogist, Hairdepot, Greenology, Ecru Little Green, Ecru NewYorkStreets, Cab’s, Aurane, Erayba,Phytorelax, Farcom Mea Natura, Farcom B-Style, Farcom Aler at the HAIRDEPOT Loft, all sourced and made from the highest quality natural ingredients, so shopping here for your hair care can guarantee you are getting the best for your tresses…

There are just everything your hair need from great quality brushes 

And lovely styling tools to play about with....

There are definitely hair shampoos, tonics and treatments for all kind of hair woes...

And even a professional Little Green range for the little people in your life... your mini mes.....

With this trip to the HAIRDEPOT Loft, I came back with these few products after a consultation with their in house Hair Care Expert who recommended me these…..

TheHairStory Large Detangling Brush   RM68  is the next generation of innovative hair brushes said to contain tourmaline which is well known for having good ionic properties. Tourmaline is a mineral said to emit high quantities of negative ions which penetrate deep into the hair shaft when you brush your hair.
This will helps to Preserve your hair’s natural moisture, Boost shine, Fight frizz and eliminate static electricity!!

The brush is specially designed to be gentle on hair and scalp. It can detangle the thickest and most hard-to-manage hair. TheHairStory Large Detangling Brush is ideal for long to medium length curly hair and comes with an ergonomic handle, designed to be easy to use

TheHairStory hair brushes are easy to clean, all you have to do is wash it with a little warm water.
I really like this a lot since I have been wanting a really good hair brush that can help detangle my hair and not cause further damage… 

For my hair wash, I was recommended and came home with the Midori Secret Energy Hair Growth Shampoo  RM48

The Midori Secret Energy Hair Growth Shampoo is  great for deep cleansing the hair and scalp. It also effectively reduce hair loss and stimulates hair growth. It can actually also prevent premature greying and can neutralize any toxin and free radicals, and even remove DHT. Best of all it is said to be able to stimulate vital blood circulation to the scalp and can build hair body..

All you have to do is apply one or two hazelnut-sized doses of shampoo on your palm. Work the shampoo into light lather. Place one hand at front of head, one at back of head. Massage gently and then rinse well. The scent of the shampoo is quite refreshing unlike some hair growth shampoo that smells simply awful. 

I was told to shampoo and used my regular conditioner to condition my hair before drying it… and after drying my hair, I am to use the Midori Secret Energy Power Tonic  RM85

The Midori Secret Energy Power Tonic is said to be proven to  eliminate tiresome dandruff, relieves scalp itching, soothe irritation and prevent associated hair loss.

The benefits of using the Midori Secret Energy Power Tonic includes controlling hair loss, the quality of your hair will improve, be stronger and thicker after usage… It also conditions and cleanses scalp, repairs hair damage and split ends, promotes softer hair, controls dandruff and hyper secretion of sebum….

All you need to do is to apply it your towel dried hair or fully dried hair. Spray tonic directly onto scalp. Gently massage in with the fingertips, rub in with a light circular massage for optimum absorption. Leave it on for a 3-5 minutes and style your hair as usual. Do not rinse out…..It his highly recommended for daily use or after every hair wash. And you will love the minty feel of it on your scalp. I know I do…..it feels just so nice and cooling

After applying the Midori Secret Energy Power Tonic, I will then use the TheHairStory Large Detangling Brush to brush my hair and then apply the HAIRDEPOT Argan Oil  RM89

The HAIRDEPOT Argan oil naturally penetrates your hair to help moisturize each layer of the hair strand for long-term hair repair so your hair looks and feel healthier, silkier, and extraordinarily shiny.

The HAIRDEPOT Argan oil deeply restructures hair, protects hair from external agents, softens and nourishes hair, performs an anti-aging action, performs an anti-frizz action and protects against humidity and gives extreme shine to natural reflections

Just apply small quantities onto your damp hair and distribute evenly along the length. 

And well, if you are reading this and want a chance to score a free bottle of this, check out my Instagram picture, repost it on your Instagram, and take it to the HAIRDEPOT Loft at 1 Utama and show it to the staff and you could get yourself a free bottle!!!

These are a few of my recommendations as I have been using these products for a few days now and well, I noticed my hair fall has lessened considerably… 

So head over to the HAIRDEPOT Loft now at 1 Utama (towards Old Town/ Cold Storage) and check it out now….

Address: LG311G, 1 Utama Shopping Center (New Wing)

For your information, HAIRDEPOT has been established since year 2009. There are  29 outlets operating in Klang Valley and Johor under the brand HAIRDEPOT, K CARE SHOP. 

Products can be purchased from HAIRDEPOT, HAIRDEPOT Loft and K CARE SHOP as well as online via www.kcareshop.com


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