Jun 3, 2016

Crystal Moist X Eun-young

So yours truly was over at the Boulevard Hotel recently to check out the new line of skincare being launched there...I was welcomed by everything blue and white... heck, even the drinks were blue, so much so I was worried I might actually turn into Smurfette if I drank too much... (....sorry, I was just kidding....)

Anyway, we were there to witness the launch of CRYSTAL MOIST, a brand new line of skincare formulated and made in Korea, which innovatively combines precious mineral complexes with the powerful nutrients of the Korean Deep Ocean Water. Promising to effectively rejuvenate your skin from deep within, CRYSTAL MOIST what you need to achieve an ultimate beautiful complexion, intensely hydrated and nourished skin.

Currently CRYSTAl MOIST has just launched two lines for supple and glowing visages: HYDRA ION+ and BRIGHT ION+. Both ranges are engineered with three core ingredients:

HY+3 Aqua-Channeling Factor
Rich in essential minerals, Korean Deep Ocean Water penetrates into skin, restoring moisture and comfort. It is boosted by the efficient moisturising factor of Hyaluronic Acid. Forming a hydrating veil on the skin’s surface, the skin is effectively primed to lock in water molecules, effectively soothing and moisturising dehydrated skin.

Regenerating Mineral Complex
Derived from five fermented essential minerals, it replenishes essential trace elements for skin health, lifts skin’s vigour and revives energy from within. The skin now glows with supple moisture and healthy complexion.

Perfect-Hydration 24 Complex
Grown in subtropical zones such as Asia and Australia, the natural Lalang Grass Rhizome is extracted in France. It works together with Glycerin that acts as an efficient moisturising factor which brings about long-lasting hydration.

HYDRA ION+ is the ultimate skincare range to effectively restore a hydrated visage, unveiling a crystal-moist complexion. This range is uniquely formulated with Seaweed extract to further improve skin hydration.

Seaweed Extract
Seaweed extract is rich in Polysaccharides and Fucoidan to soften and moisturise skin. It has a soothing on effect on skin and acts as an antioxidant to protect skin against free radicals. High in essential minerals; such as calcium, iodine and iron.

Collection includes:
HYDRA ION+ Moisturising Facial Cleanser, 120mL
A gentle foaming cleanser that hydrates and soothes delicate skin with a Hydra-Clean Complex that adds extra moisture to skin during the cleansing experience. The skin is purified, balanced, moisturised and well prepared for active toning.
HYDRA ION+ Moisturising Facial Toner – Lustrous, 180mL
A luxurious essence designed to nourish and hydrate dry skin. Actively restores skin’s moisture and replenishes skin’s daily needs with a “mineral spa” formulation. Enriched with Rice Ferment Filtrate and Moss Roses extract to hydrate, soothe and smoothen skin.

HYDRA ION+ Moisturising Face Essence, 30mL
A silky soft essence that keeps skin supple and soft, densely restoring moisture to skin with Korean Deep Ocean Mineral Water. Moss Roses extract soothes skin to unveil crystal-moist complexion. Continuous application perfectly hydrates skin to crystal-moist complexion.

HYDRA ION+ Moisturising Face Gel, 50mL
A light refreshing face gel that supplies long-lasting moisture to skin, giving it a healthy glow. Enriched with Camellia Japonica Seed Oil, it delivers antioxidants to improve skin conditions. The Perfect-Hydration 24 Complex forms a protective layer on skin to reduce water loss.

HYDRA ION+ Moisturising Face Cream, 50mL
A powerful deep moisturising cream that delivers intense and long-lasting hydration. It is made with 100% Macadamia Ternifolia Seed Oil that acts as a protective barrier on skin to prevent moisture loss. Continuous application gives ultra smoothing and perfect hydration for your skin with crystal-moist complexion. 

HYDRA ION+ Moisturising Facial Toner – Balancing, 180mL
Perfectly preserves the moisture balance in normal to oily skin by providing minerals to rehydrate and comfort. Enriched with Trehalose, it helps retain the natural structure of skin by protecting skin from dryness. Continuous application refreshes and refines cleansed skin for a crystal-moist complexion.

HYDRA ION+ Moisturising Face Essence Milk, 100mL
A highly absorbable essence milk that hydrates and balances skin. Activates skin’s moisture retention capacity to promote finer and smoother skin texture. An added blend of Agave Tequilana Leaf extract keeps skin perfectly moisturised.

HYDRA ION+ Moisturising Facial Mask, 7pcs x 25mL
This high affinity facial mask created from the fibre TENCEL®, containing a vital moisturising mineral essence with intense hydrating property for an intensive hydrating treatment. With Bird’s Nest extract to improve skin’s elasticity, and fits well on face contours to provide a crystal-moist complexion.

TENCEL® is a registered trademark of LenzingAktiengesellschaft for lyocell fibers.

HYDRA ION+ Moisturising Eye Concentrate, 20mL
A light and nourishing eye concentrate to soothe dryness and tautness around your eye area. Relieves signs of fatigue and lightens dark circles for radiant eyes with gentle massage.

BRIGHT ION+ invigorates your skin with a healthy and radiant glow. Empowered with Sea Shine from France, and Floral-Bright Complex, it is dermatologically tested and proven to enhance skin tone, reducing appearance of dark spots, revealing a complexion that glows like precious crystals.

Floral-Bright Complex
A powerful synergy of complexes extracted from 5 different white flowers; Peach Flower, Japanese Apricot Flower, Lotus, Magnolia & Camellia; Floral-Bright Complex soothes skin with antioxidant properties and brightens skin for a healthy, crystal-bright complexion.

Collection includes: 
BRIGHT ION+ Brightening Facial Cleanser, 120mL
A gentle foaming cleanser that lathers away impurities and promotes a crystal-moist complexion. Contains ocean water minerals, hydrating element and Hyaluronic Acid to keep skin moisturised. Enriched with Trehalose and Lotus extract to protect skin from dehydration. Skin is purified, brightened and moisturised for toning.

BRIGHT ION+ Brightening Facial Toner, 180mL
A refining formula that helps to transform dull skin into a fairer, brighter complexion. It replenishes and balances moisture on skin, while Rice Bran extract and Floral-Bright Complex derived from five Korean botanical extracts help in achieving a refined and radiant skin.

BRIGHT ION+ Brightening Eye Concentrate, 20mL
A light and refreshing eye concentrate to soothe and brighten the delicate area around the eyes, reducing the appearance of dryness and fine lines, and brightens eye contour area with Mulberry Root extract. Empowered with Sea Shine from France and Floral-Bright Complex that is derived from five Korean botanical extracts, it helps to combat dullness for a radiant and glowing appearance.

BRIGHT ION+ Brightening Face Essence, 30mL
A silky soft essence that keeps skin radiant and hydrated. Enriched with a powerful Super Fruit Complex to protect skin from free radicals. It contains Sea Shine, a marine algae complex designed to combat the appearance of dark spots and enhance luminosity. Together with Moss Roses extract and Vitamin E, it helps soothe skin and reduce UV damage to skin.

BRIGHT ION+ Brightening Face Essence Milk, 100mL
A silky smooth essence milk that provides long-lasting moisture to the skin, with Floral-Bright Complex and Natural Fruits Complex for a youthful glow,delivering antioxidants and vitamins. Continuous application perfectly brightens skin with crystal-bright complexion.

BRIGHT ION+ Brightening Face Cream, 50mL
A powerful, intensive cream that brightens and smoothens skin and delivers long-lasting hydration. Specially enriched with a powerful mix of Super Fruit Complex, it provides antioxidant protection and rich in Vitamin C. The combination of Sea Shine and Floral-Bright Complex enhances skin tone and reduces the appearance of dark spots. Continuous application gives ultra smoothing and perfect luminosity for your skin with crystal-bright complexion.

BRIGHT ION+ Brightening CC Cream SPF 36 PA+++, 35mL
A lightweight colour correcting cream that instantly evens skin tone and supports a radiant-looking complexion. With UVA and UVB protection for daily use and helps prevent the signs of ageing caused by UV damage. It contains Sea Shine from France and Floral-Bright Complex to enhance skin tone and help reduce the appearance of dark spots. Its lightweight texture primes skin for makeup application for a flawless, healthy glow.

BRIGHT ION+ Brightening Facial Mask 7 pcs x 25mL
This high affinity facial mask created from the fibre TENCEL® containing a brightening mineral essence with intensive brightening and hydrating properties. Enriched with a Super Fruit Complex rich in Vitamin C, it also provides antioxidant protection. Contains Sea Shine from France and Floral-Bright Complex to enhance luminosity and reduce the appearance of dark spots, it is boosted by Nano-Ceramides to improve skin barrier, soothe skin and lock in moisture. It fits well on face contours to provide brightening effects and a crystal-bright complexion.

TENCEL® is a registered trademark of LenzingAktiengesellschaft for lyocell fibers.

CRYSTAL MOIST, also brought down and presented their lovely BRAND AMBASSADOR – Ms Ju Eun-Young. Fondly known as Eun-young, we will see her in all CRYSTAL MOIST marketing campaigns to uplift the importance of skin hydration with our unique Korean formulation.

Eun-young’s partnership with the brand will focus on the hydration and brightening skincare lines, featuring HYDRA ION+ and BRIGHT ION+ collections. These two product ranges are developed and made in Korea, using KOREAN DEEP OCEAN WATER. Eun-young will play an active role in “educating” consumers about the benefits of water and minerals for our skin.

As a rising K-Pop star, Eun-young is a beloved member of Korean Girl Group TWO X. Formerly a member of YG dance group CRAZY, Eun-young had performed as a dancer for Korean superstars IU, Rain, and BIGBANG’s Taeyang.

Despite her busy lifestyle, Eun-young ensures that she sets aside ample time for her skincare routine. 

“I always keep my CRYSTAL MOIST Moisturising Facial Masks handy, especially when I need to travel long-haul. And no matter how hectic my schedule is, I always make sure I apply my Moisturising Face Essence and Brightening CC Cream before I head out. Being dermatologically tested and proven, I can trust CRYSTAL MOIST in taking care of my skin’s needs,” says Eun-young.

Eun-young embodies what the CRYSTAL MOIST brand stands for – attractive, healthy, feminine and confident – making her the perfect choice as Brand Ambassador. As an active and hardworking woman, Eun-young understands the need to maintain a youthful and healthy complexion, thus using an innovative and quality skincare is important to her. “Korean skincare formulation, perfect for Asian skin, my skin!”says Eun-young.

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