Jun 5, 2016


I remember distinctly when I was on the beach in sunny Koh Larn, off Pattaya in lovely Thailand and it had been a hot afternoon there.. we happened to come by a stall selling coconut shake and it was just so tempting as, well, everyone knows just how refreshing coconut water can be on a humid day. The coconut water is actually packed with simple sugars, electrolytes and minerals to replenish dehydration conditions inside our body… So just imagine how deliciously refreshing and delightful it was as it made its way down my parched throat…

And when I  found out King’s Potong’s new ice pop flavour was….. coconut!! Imagine the euphoria!!! 2 amazing things put together!! Nice refreshing coconut water made into a delicious ice confection….

Fully imported from Thailand, and using the freshest ingredient, we introduce to you King’s Potong Coconut Milk ice confection with young coconut bits. Made with 100% fresh Thai coconut milk alongside coconut bits, the new King’s Potong Coconut is as refreshing as the fibre drupe and its creamy, yet subtle in flavour is sure to appease all coconut aficionados out there. 

Indulging in a stick of King’s Potong Coconut can now satisfy even the most discerning palate as it is free from any artificial flavourings. And once you start.. you will definitely get addicted… My daughter and I fought for the last King’s Potong Coconut confection after finishing the others in just 2 days…

The new King’s Potong Coconut is expected to be a great hit because it’s refreshing and it quickly cools down the body temperature from the heat, especially with the El Nino weather we are undergoing…. And best of all it is just so mouth-wateringly irresistible...

The King's Potong multipack (6x60ml) retailed at RM 9.30 per pack while the loose sticks (60ml) retail at RM 1.60 per piece (inclusive of GST) and is  available at all leading hypermarkets and supermarkets …  


  1. I love kampong flavors of this icecream. They make me nostalgic about childhood. Coconut flavor must be so yummy...

  2. Oh yums I used to love the durian flavour. Now its good to try out coconut too

    1. When I first got it, I seriously did not expect to love it as much as I did..

  3. Yes! I wish t try this coconut ice cream potong also especially on a hot hot day.

  4. I want to try the coconut flavour. Looks so yummy.

  5. Love coconuts very much! And plus potong ice cream is one of my childhood favs!


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