Jun 20, 2016

Hello Summer with gorgeous lingerie that is just amazingly comfortable...

I knew I could not wait to get my hands on Triumph’s new Light Fascination collection when I learned that it had arrived... and it was just so timely to freshen women like me up during this oh-so -hot season, also known as summer to others, but then again, Malaysia has a never ending summer season... don't we!!

Triumph’s new Light Fascination collection brings all the confidence-inspiring benefits of an awesome super-breathable, lightweight fabrics and design excellence. After all, it has been painstakingly and lovingly crafted to promise the highest comfort levels, so I can assure you this Summer 2016 range is everything you wish your lingerie would be... 

It will sensuously surround your body in extremely lightweight, perfectly fitting support, airy comfort and fresh beauty.

I am and will be showing off my lingerie but sorry if you were kinda expecting to see me modeling them which I cannot for many reasons: 
Some which include: I am a Muslim - and we won't want any controversy or such right.... I am married and my husband don't want me showing off my body clad in just bra and panties... and well.. like my prudish eldest daughter would probably say, "sedar diri, Mummy dah tua" - come to your senses, you are old, mum..(huh, tua ?? but I am an 18 year old trapped in a 40 year old woman's body!!)

OK, anyway the new collection has some very amazing products, including Body Make-Up Light, Magic Boost Light and Shape Sensation Light (the one I have here!!), and each of these series are thoughtfully designed with specific features depending on the wearer’s needs.

Embracing modern simplicity and an essential part of any fashion-conscious diva’s lingerie wardrobe, Body Make-Up Light possesses its renowned ‘second skin’ fit and smooth finish, with the increased bonus of breathability and extreme lightweight cup design.

One of the things I hate about some of my bras would have to be the underwire... there are times you can so feel them digging into your skin...And sadly, when I try to go for the wireless ones, the support is simply not there.... I was really excited and thrilled when I learn about the ‘virtually invisible’,  new Magic Wire technology with an innovative cup design that promises all the support of a wire with the feel on none!! And yes, now that I have been using my Triumph’s new Light Fascination collection it really is as though my bra is wireless... but still comes with an awesome support and finish.. perfection!!! At least in my opinion!!

The bra cups is breathable and can increase airflow, while the soft, smooth fabric in an enticing assortment of feminine hues ensures an all-over incredibly secret fit. Flawless and invisible, it’s like wearing nothing at all…how amazing is that.....

If you’re after a little extra attention, enhance your Summer look with Magic Boost Light, the one that combines maximum cleavage with maximum comfort for gorgeous feminine expression.

Amplify your presence wherever you go, all with the assured comfort of extreme airy freshness, super light feel and voluptuous allure of the popular Deep-V design. Magic Boost also features Triumph’s new breathable cups and super light fabric in stunning lace combinations.

I have never been petite and have somewhat plus sized shape as I step into my 40s and am a mother of three grown kids, so my body is a little out of shape despite whatever I do.. and I desperately need instant curvy contouring so I got me the Shape Sensation Light, which can give me sculpting, firming and toning benefits so that I can step forward more confident and feel more pretty!!!

The Shape Sensation Light’s new ‘3D sculpt’ design technology enables me to have a nice silhouette, with it's extreme lift and slimming support, with all the comfort of increased breathability and a light airy feel ...oh my gawd... you have to try it on yourself to believe it.. go on to the nearest Triumph boutique and get yourself fitted and try one out....

Only the best can be expected right when it has been so lovingly tailored by the Maker of Lingerie for our highest comfort levels...

So what are you waiting for, go on now and get yourself fitted with the most comfortable, lightest bra and lingerie set for you this Summer at Triumph. Yeah it is most ideal for the coming Aidil Fitri too, as most of us will want to look great stepping out in our baju kurung or better still kebayas  and this will not only make us look lovelier and shapelier but it is just as comfortable to be worn all day long!!

The ShopBraHolics Unite Sale is on now so you really won't want to miss this out!!! There is just so many promotions you will be crying if you miss this out...

Did you know you can now be a Triumph member with RM150 spent...and as a member you can start accumulating points with all your purchases in which in return can convert back into RM for your next purchase on your favorite lingerie.. You can get a RM50 cash voucher for every 800 points or a RM150 cash voucher for every 1500 points... isn't that just so awesome??!!!

As a member you will also get birthday treats and exciting updates, exclusive invites to previews, event invites etc....

Another event Triumph is having which you really do not want to miss would be the Manic Night of ShopBraHaul...Get your entry passes by buying 6 and getting 3 free as well as the VIP shop out pass to this event where you can have a chance to grab as many bras as you can in 30 seconds!!!!

And yes, another piece of great news for couch potatoes or workaholics who do not have the time to shop...  Triumph is also available online now at http://my.triumph.com

Just get yourself fitted and then feel free to shop once you know your size, anytime at the comfort of your own home!!!

Psst... you could even win products worth RM1000 just by going for a fit!!! How easy is that!!

Shhh... don't tell them but I am gonna go get myself fitted again in the hope for being in the running to get my hand on those products...

A little bird told me Triumph has open a new boutique at IOI City Mall in Putrajaya... so if you live around the area, do be sure to go check it out and get yourself fitted...

Picture credit to my.triumph.com


  1. The bra looks really comfortable. I want to try it too.

  2. Get the One kan Miera!
    Chaiyok chaiyok!
    Get the right one as it holds the future too. Hehe

  3. How come got my BF photos below your lingerie??? haihhh! Yup! I agree you need to get the right one. Mine always wrong size. WTH!

    1. Sorry loooo... want something to make my photo look more interesting... hahahah

  4. Nice bras...hehehhehe probably when I start working back again..then I can invest in them..

  5. I'm quite fussy when It comes to buying bras. but I know Triumph's are really good!

  6. I laugh when I saw you put the bra and panties on top of Lee Minho and Song JoongKi pic haha! Triumph's are very popular and their bras design are very comfortable too

    1. Last minute prop while in Seoul... huhuhu

  7. Shape Sensation Light looks like what I need too. I wonder how much one set it. Need to check them out.

    1. Comes up to just about RM800++ for the whole set... still cheaper then what those direct selling companies are selling..

  8. ooo, the colour not "mengancam" enough.. go for bright RED ! hehe

  9. Always love Triumph lingerie's because so comfy.

  10. Triumph lingerie's is one of my fav brand to go, thanks for sharing yo!
    PS: lingerie matched with oppa's photo is simply sexy

    1. Hahaha... just a last minute idea as prop... lol

  11. the lace details look so beautiful :) definitely a sexy piece to go for

  12. wow..the bra set so so nice....the lace looks so sexy!!!

  13. I always love triumph's lingerie! In terms of quality and design!

  14. I never try grey color bra before, but this color definitely looks classy! I love the details of Triumph's lingerie.

  15. wow now can even buy my bra online. absolutely in love with it.

  16. I like their brand too ~ but haven't get the chance to try it ..haha

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