Jun 17, 2016

Benefits of Buka Puasa with Zespri

Ramadan is a always a time for sharing and in conjunction with Ramadan, Zespri Kiwifruit did a Share-A-Meal initiative where they personally sent a buka puasa meal from DahMakan to some of us bloggers. It was pretty fun that we were also given an opportunity to nominate a friend to receive a buka puasa meal as well in the spirit of giving.

Our very nicely packed buka puasa meal was definitely delicious and there was a lovely bottle of Kiwi juice to ensure that we had a balanced meal. As  everyone knows the Kiwifruit is very beneficial to our health... and this juice was really amazingly thirst quenching and nutritious after a whole day of fasting...

For those who do not know the benefits of Zespri Green and Zespri SunGold, let me recap it.......:

 With 2X the fibre of pineapples and 6X the nutrition of apples (for every 100g of edible flesh) Zespri Green Kiwifruit is rich in Vitamin C and antioxidant.

 Fibre in Zespri Green Kiwifruit has a high capacity to retain water which creates larger and softer stools, aiding in smooth movement through the digestive tract.

 During Ramadan, one tends to feast during break fast. A time to enjoy meals with the family and share the togetherness, this may lead to over-eating thus resulting in indigestion and bloating. Eating 2 Green kiwifruit a day was found to significantly improve bowel function and reduce bloating.

 The natural digestive enzyme, actinidin, found only in kiwifruit improves digestive comfort by increasing the breakdown of proteins and facilitating gastric digestion (emptying of the stomach).

 Like the Zespri Green Kiwifruit, the Zespri SunGold Kiwifruit is power-packed with over 20 essential vitamins and minerals, more than almost all common fruits.

 Zespri SunGold Kiwifruit contains 3X the Vitamin C of oranges and 10X the nutrition of apples (for every 100g of edible flesh), which aids to maintain overall well-being during the month of fasting.

 Just 1 Zespri SunGold Kiwifruit can easily meet your daily Vitamin C needs. This is especially important as the human body is unable to synthesize Vitamin C and can only replenish it daily from food sources.

 Vitamin C activates enzymes in the body that helps curb feelings of fatigue and elevate energy throughout the day.

 Vitamin C in kiwifruit can improve the absorption of iron in one’s body. Dates have good source of iron. The kiwifruit and dates combination will provide excellent nutrients to the body especially during fasting. Iron, being a component of hemoglobin inside red blood cells, determine the oxygen-carrying capacity of the blood. This improves blood circulation as it carries oxygen to various parts of the body to recuperate and refresh the body throughout fasting.

 It is also low in GI. Zespri Green Kiwifruit has a GI of 39 and Zespri SunGold Kiwifruit has GI of 38. This puts kiwifruit in the category of “low” GI content (GI<55 an="" are="" blood="" diabetes="" excellent="" font="" for="" level.="" makes="" monitoring="" option="" or="" people="" sugar="" their="" this="" those="" who="" with="">

 Kiwifruit pulp is also found to swell up to 4x of its original volume in our digestive track, thus reducing the rate of glucose diffusion into the blood. This also means that the slow uptake of sugars into the bloodstream helps avoid fatigue and making one feel fuller longer between meals – crucial for those who are fasting.

Visit http://www.zespri.com.my/ to find out more about Zespri Kiwifruit and its benefits in incorporating it in your diet especially during this month of fasting.


  1. I've always wondered how people could go on a fast for such long hours. Your post has made me realise that it is not so much the amount of food that we take but the quality of it.

    1. Absolutely... kiwi, dates, figs, etc are all very nutritional... but sadly many do it the wrong way too

  2. a lovely bottle of Kiwi juice <3 LOVE FRUIT JUICE CURRENTLY

  3. Full of vitamin c and nutrients, kiwifruit is indeed perfect during buka puasa time :)


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