Jun 2, 2016

A Beautiful Gift for Every Woman by SAFI

Every girl loves to be surprised and imagine my surprise when I came home to an oblong box that scented the air.... and open it up to find half a dozen face masks from Safi, a well known local brand that came with delightfully fragrant pot pourri....

Besides loving to be surprised, like me, women also desire being able to look effortlessly beautiful, fair and young.. 

No matter how busy a woman is in her everyday life, juggling the needs of her family, career and personal interests, she will always ensure that there is time for to indulge in the best beauty treatments available with the hope of remaining beautiful and attractive. 

 As a beauty brand that understands and caters to the needs of modern women, Safi, is proud to introduce its premier face mask range, made to suit the needs of every woman’s skin. 

These 2 mask variants are the answer to those who are on the lookout for effective beauty solutions for a brighter, perfect and radiant skin whilst rejuvenating their skin before the ageing process kicks in.

 Pamper your  skin and experience the powerful combination of Nano Biowhite, Arbutin and the Vitamin C-rich Kiwi that penetrates deep into the 3 layers of our skin to effectively produce softer, finer and brighter skin with the Safi Balqis White Trilogy Whitening Mask. 

Hyaluronic Acid on the other hand will provide continuous moisture to keep our skin moist and soft. Just use the mask for 20 minutes before you go to sleep and enjoy fresher, softer and brighter skin when you wake up the next day!! As simple as that....

The Safi Rania Gold Youthful Radiance Face Mask  is enriched with Bio Nano Gold 24k & Bio Hyaluronic with Vitamin B3. 

This unique 3D mask provides effective overall results by increasing the elasticity of the skin, keeping your skin energised, fresh and free from dullness, beginning from the forehead down to the neck. 

The mask is also capable of locking in and preserving our skin moisture for up to 24 hours. 

The advantageous Nano Gold Technology on the other hand produces more collagen to reduce the appearances of fine lines on the skin, making it more youthful and helps to keep the ageing process at bay. That said, you will be able to enjoy fresher, brighter and more elastic skin than ever. 

So, if you are ready to revel in brighter and youthful skin, just tear open one of these face mask package, and apply it on your face... 

The Safi Rania Gold Youthful Radiance Face Mask comes with ear loops so you can simply loop the mask to your ears and go about doing whatever you want to do without worrying it will come off...

Me, relaxing with my Safi Rania Gold Youthful Radiance Face Mask on after my bath... pardon the mess.....on my bed and the mismatch pillows...

My thoughts on the mask: it was definitely effective and my skin definitely felled rejuvenated and fresh after use....

Get SAFI RANIA GOLD Youthful Radiance Mask 22ml at only RM6.90 and SAFI Balqis White Trilogy Whitening Mask17ml at only RM 5.90.

These SAFI products are available now at leading pharmacies, supermarkets and hypermarkets nationwide. For more information on SAFI brand, visit SAFI website at safi.com.my


  1. looking great as always! hihihi...

    p/s: have a good trip! :)

  2. Nad pun baru pakai mask safi rania..die punya lembap muka memnag best


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