Jun 27, 2016


When you are a public figure , like a well known actress who regularly attends premieres and award shows, or a well known business woman in the spotlight, or someone whom everyone else is looking at, you tend to want to take care of what you wear… because what you wear is fodder for the media  and the people looking at you, from how you behave, what you do, what you wear and of course, this includes your choice of shoes.

And face it, owning a very nice pair of luxury shoes can be like owning a treasure that we’re just as thrilled about having in the closet as we are wearing them. It is an insurance policy against down days when we’re lonely, upset, tired, angry….

The best thing about that pair of luxury shoes is it is a friend which will always be there for when a woman feel bloated or for any mood swing. And unlike clothes, that pair of luxury shoes will always fit even if you have put on weight or lost a lot of weight .. and I for one have always believed in quality which is almost as, or very much more important, than quantity….

Back in the 1920's, during the Great Gatsby, the parties were opulent, the people lived licentious lifestyles, the outfits ostentatious and expensive champagne was flowing to a large extent despite prevalent prohibition. The 1920s had to be exciting years for the aspiring high society at the time. 

People back in those time lived a carefree life that seemed to consist of partying and loving without any sort of sorrow about what was to come in the future and contented. The exuberant lifestyle was exactly those of women’s pursuit for equality. It was the era where women experimented with style and created new ways to express themselves. 

Bespoke women’s footwear brand XALF pays tribute to the licentious lifestyle of the Roaring Twenties by unveiling its latest collection titled The Great Gatsby

You can look forward to classic themes of the past century such as voluminous heels which are revived and equipped with the cosmopolitan touch of the modern times. 

Detailed highlights in gold evoke associations of popping champagne corks amidst luxuriously furnished villas while the thoughtful implementation of filmy mesh stimulates your imagination. 

XALF’s ninth collection (since its launch nearly 4 years ago) is inspired by the 2013 movie The Great Gatsby with Leonardo DiCaprio and the source novel by F. Scott Fitzgerald. The story of a man who tries his hardest to win the love of his life over by impressing her with exuberant parties in the setting of America in the 1920s delivers the foundation for the new designs varying widely from enticing high heels to low pumps and thrilling ankle boots. 

“The Great Gatsby movies and the novel have been a big inspiration for us for this collection due to the exuberant lifestyle depicted in the story. But we did not just want to copy existing styles, our goal was to create modern bespoke footwear with an exciting touch of extravaganza that impresses the fashionable woman of today. Many of the outfits and the shoes you see in Baz Luhrmann’s movie look fantastic, but they don’t fit into our time anymore. So we worked with his vision as a template and then created our own version with our own ideas in order to make the collection not outmoded but instead look fresh, modern and sexy with hints of vogue vintage”- Xavier Mah, founder of Xalf

The 12 gorgeous new handcrafted models are a sight to behold with sexy lines and curves from high heels to pointy pumps promise to turn men’s heads everywhere, leave other women green with envy, and when these perfectly fitting shoes find their way to the dance floor no stone will be left standing. 

Colorwise the duo behind XALF focuses on bold yet elegant colours such as black, beige or maroon, but as always XALF offers you the service of customising every shoe to your personal style and taste. 

“In the movie, Jay Gatsby talks a lot about repeating the past. For us, repeating the past means doing the same thing over and over again. But this attitude does not represent who we are because we are constantly looking forward and trying new things that are exciting both for us as a brand and for our customers. This is why we have created shoes that are indeed inspired by the thrilling era of the 1920s, but not limited to that time period. To give an example: Thick heels used to be in style and very popular, but nowadays ladies look for a thinner and sexier look in their shoes, so we had to adapt our designs. This is the reason why we had to pay close attention to our customers and find the right balance between nostalgia and modernity. We are very proud of what we have achieved and we are sure that our clients will love the new models”- Alfred Hor, XALF’s designer

 With the stylish trends of yore but adapted to the modern times of the noughties with current flair, the new collection is made for the cosmopolitan woman of today who easily bridges the gap between life, leisure, and love. 

For the perfect appearance at any party or premiere, or as the icing on the cake to that gorgeous designer gown, these new 12 bespoke models from XALF’s The Great Gatsby collection is something a woman needs for every classy occasion. 

For more info, please visit www.xalfdesign.com or give them a call for an appointment at 012- 6493735 or 03-77339065.


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