Jun 10, 2016

Fun with LEGO CITY blocks....

Mummies and daddies, what did you get up to with your kids this school holidays… In just a blink of the eye, the school holidays is almost over… For me, I took my girls to Korea as you might have known if you have been reading my blog and well, there was a few other outings and at the moment, a little staycation in Port Dickson, but well, I also encouraged my children to play.

I am one of those who believe along with my husband that we should not take the childhood away from the children. All is not just about tuition, studies and books, but also about play and experiences. 

When children play and experience things for themselves, they are also learning.. they get personally motivated by the satisfaction of being embedded in the activity, at their level of challenge and interest. 

This makes our children happy and also actively engaged in what they are doing with their bodies and minds, taking risks and experimenting, to come up with ideas and questions, creating things and solving problems.

I got myself 3 sets of LEGO CITY sets which knowing the significant cognitive and academic benefits for my children and heck, even myself??!! LOL, sorry but well, I am a kid at heart and I have always loved playing with LEGO ever since I was just a kid….. 

After all, not only are they fun and exciting, but they actually help our kids develop a wide variety of skills and abilities. Some people who knows the benefits of playing with LEGO will even say that these toys are the “building blocks” for success!

Among some of the benefits would be improving fine motor manipulation and strength. Our kids have to learn how to move and have the fine motor control to “put” them into place. Amazing right….

It also encourages thinking and reasoning to very much needed to make our children well-rounded, independent and successful adults! Playing with LEGO involves focus and patience as our children learn to work slowly and carefully to be successful at creating their own designs or even following the instruction manuals…

LEGO allow children to create their own fantasy worlds and stories. Using the imagination boosts cognitive, academic, language and social growth. Playing with LEGO also helps develop problem solving skills as our kids learn to decide what will or won’t work. They have to think quickly and readjust designs when needed and once they have successfully built something from their LEGO blocks, our children would definitely feel proud of their own accomplishments and this helps increase their belief in themselves.

And that is what I love so much about playing with LEGO and strongly urge all parents to get their kids involved in playing with LEGO… 

To learn more, and if you are around Penang island, visit Queensbay Mall where the LEGO CITY ADVENTURES roadshow is on and learn more… and play more….y ou can also get more on Lego from wikilego.com


  1. Lego city memang seronok for kids to play with the parents along, very good for creativity

  2. Your daughter looks like she really had fun with the Lego blocks. I know a lot of adult friends still love playing with Lego too.

  3. LEGO!! I still like to play once a while to challenge myself :)

  4. Legooo tajul sure suka one hahaha

  5. ahh... playing lego is my child hood memories and of course im still loving it..

  6. Wow so nice to have her own lego set. I wish to play lego too.

  7. legoooooo me like....i wanna play lego too!

  8. Wah... nice! I won't have the patient to play Lego though. Hahaha...

  9. There are intricate Lego sets in which you get rules with respect to collecting a modern privateer transport, or lunar lander, in addition to other things, however the most engaging, as I would like to think, is gotten from the great out-dated arrangement of essential multi-reason blocks that is used again and again to make pretty much whatever you favor. Lego City Sets

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